//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/4ZRhkolS7YtmgA1mDpuooh/26f9de24c122614b25f6f605e5127317/202311_SER_Whitening_Night_ProdImg-2700x2700.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/4ZRhkolS7YtmgA1mDpuooh/26f9de24c122614b25f6f605e5127317/202311_SER_Whitening_Night_ProdImg-2700x2700.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/34RQ4rbPk6bTV4phPJlQWF/90c98ab2772d0cebebf02b1e813311bb/Screenshot_2023-11-13_at_1.22.05_PM.png lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/1sFSv1tOuBAjH8Wa3hHxeQ/e7349f8ce879ac734b79e8bcc914a3df/202311_SER_Whitening_CaroImg_2.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/1pJxfkad4xdtjbEsEI9Vo3/4bb313bca7aa633bddbf1c25b026d517/202311_SER_Whitening_CaroImg_3.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/6jJl4Bab0CCImgTylytCah/78ecfd18e9cd5cb010d7c3cf8026ce8f/202311_SER_Whitening_CaroImg_5.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/31h9ZpkYQOZ9vUSLs2VCqp/ee84557f124e88483b478b484ce3dcee/202311_SER_Whitening_CaroImg_4.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/7ygPScFjhsPowfZ6rN7QIo/527806b19b0426343c2e5d0cd7f3fe04/202311_SER_Whitening_CaroImg_1.jpg lifestyle

Nighttime Whitening Kit

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Up to 63% brighter teeth after just 2 weeks

What you get first: 

  • Impression Kit: Trays, return label & box to ship your impressions

Your next shipment:

  • Whitening Trays: Custom, comfy, covers 100% of all tooth surfaces

  • 16% Nighttime Whitening Gel: Once daily use (4-8 hours) for 2 weeks

  • quip Case: Compact, travel-friendly storage to protect your trays

Every 6 months: 

  • Free shipping and auto-delivery on whitening refills (just $49).

Color -  

Want gentler treatment? Try our fast daytime formula that whitens in 1–2 hours.

Shop daytime
Nighttime Whitening Gels detail
Whitening Gel

Daytime or overnight formula. Reveals a brighter smile after just one day of treatment.

Original price was $49, discounted price is $39
Custom Whitening Tray detail
Whitening Tray

Custom, comfortable, and covers 100% of tooth surfaces to maximize the effects of your whitening gel.

Original price was $90, discounted price is $80
Clear Acrylic
Impression Kit detail
Impression Kit

Trays, return label & box to ship your impressions.

Original price was $90, discounted price is $80
Hard Night Guard detail
Hard Night Guard

Put severe teeth grinding, clenching, and pain to bed

Hard-Soft Night Guard detail
Hard-Soft Night Guard

Get extra comfort and protection for light teeth grinding

White Sport Guard detail
Sport Guard

Get the best defense for every athlete (and your teeth)

What's in your refill plan?
We'll automatically deliver fresh supplies every 6 months with a lifetime warranty. Plus, you can cancel or switch anytime.


Whitening Gel refill


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Free shipping today

You will receive a $49 charge every 6 months. Tax not included.

Free shipping today

You will not receive refills from one-time purchases
Your plan:

$49 Refills every 6 months

You pay today:

Original price was $229, discounted price is $199

Take at-home whitening out of the dark ages

beat image, whitening

Professional ingredients. Lasting results.

No slippery strips, patchy pens, or sensitivity-inducing mystery ingredients here. quip Whitening uses the same high-quality gel formula as your dentist, for a long-lasting brighter smile.

  • Up to 63% whiter teeth after 2 weeks
  • 1-hour daytime formula or overnight
  • Professional carbamide peroxide, plus fluoride
beat image, whitening

Your perfect fit for better coverage

Forget bulky over-the-counter whitening trays. You need a snug, secure fit that keeps the gel in place comfortably. Simply take your detailed impressions from home and we’ll send you custom, barely-there upper and lower trays.

  • Take impressions and mail them to us (for free!)
  • Get whitening gel, custom trays, and a storage case
  • Comfortable & 100% of tooth surface covered
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6 months of smiles delivered to your door

Relax and get excited for a brighter future as our dental pros work on your trays. After your first order, fresh whitening gel can be auto shipped at exactly the time you’re ready for a touch up.

  • Everything you need delivered, no dental visit
  • Save time with only 14 applications required
  • Free shipping & auto-delivery every 6 months
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Simple pricing, better whitening

Get the same results for hundreds less than the dentist office, starting at just $199 for your Whitening Kit, then $49 refills every 6 months.

Frequently asked questions

We offer the same quality materials and ingredients you’d get from the dentist, but for hundreds of dollars less — shipped to your home! Thanks to an Impression Kit, you’ll get devices that fit you perfectly. We also offer an optional subscription that delivers fresh refills and guards every 6 months.

Yes, and here’s why! By starting with an impression of your teeth, we can create whitening trays and/or mouth guards to fit your smile perfectly (unlike off the shelf options). It’s the custom fit that helps make your treatment that much more effective.

While our 22% daytime treatment is a higher concentration, it’s best for sensitive teeth since you only use it from 1–2 hours. Our 16% nighttime formula works even harder overnight from 4–8 hours, so you can wake up to a brighter smile.

Hundreds of dollars! With a dentist, you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for whitening or mouth guards. quip Whitening is just $199, while Night and Sports Guards start at $159 — all with a custom-fit to make treatment that much more effective.

Yes! You’ll enjoy free shipping on all Custom Care Kits, refills, and new guards.

Custom Care devices are non-refundable because each product is tailor made to perfectly fit your mouth.

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