Simple design
quip brush and supplies

We design products that guide good habits (and exclude the gimmicks that don't), to simplify a healthy routine!

The features
quip brush
Guides technique

We only include features that guide good technique, and exclude gimmicks that do little but increase prices, to provide a more simple, honest and healthy clean!

brush in travel cover with sun and moon
Elevates routine

Scare mongering, guilt tripping or forcing a routine doesn't work. Instead, we design our products to be tools you actually want to use more often, more places!

brush head and calendar
Automates upkeep

Remembering to refresh equipment isn't easy! Our services automatically deliver fresh supplies on time, automating upkeep to ensure quip is fresh and effective!

Despite what we've all been led to believe, the biggest impact on oral health comes from how well you brush, not which brush features you use! So we designed quip to help you brush better, by guiding the good habits that matter!

The products
brush and supplies with descriptions. 'vibration guides: 2 min. timer with 30 sec. intervals vibrations encourage soft brushing no harsh rotaions. 1 mode (not 8!), travel ready: wall mount/travel cover slim plastic/metal designs no more bulky charger, fresh heads:soft,round tip bristles delivered every 3 monhts no color/angle gimmicks'
The toothbrush
Features that matter (none that don't)

The best toothbrush is one that encourages healthy habits... Brushing gently for 2 minutes, with short, tooth-sized strokes. Brushing at the start and end of your day and between meals. Brushing only with soft, rounded bristles, fresh every 3 months.

Despite toothbrush “advancements”, we still fail at these steps as we are led to believe our brush does all the hard work for us. We designed a slim electric toothbrush with a vibrating timer and affordable head delivery service that encourages the good habits and excluded the harsh cleaning modes, bulky chargers and expensive brush heads that don’t. Delivering a simplified experience that effortlessly guides you through the basics!

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The toothbrush

Features that matter (none that don't)

Soft bristle brush head

1,200 soft, round tipped DuPont nylon bristles inserted into 34 tufts give each tooth a gentle cleaning.

Electric motor

The electric motor vibrates at 15,000 RPM to provide a powerful cleaning action. Motor pulses every 30 seconds help you evenly clean your teeth and the 2-minute double pulse lets you know when to stop. *** our motor runs on a Rechargeable or Replaceable AAA Battery. the battery will last the same 3 months as your brush head. when replacing the brush head, you can simply slide out the battery and replace with a fully charged/ fresh one ***. your refill pack contains a new AAA battery every 3 months

Aluminum handle

Precision CNC'd aluminum handle is bead blasted by robots and anodized to endure a lifetime of cleaning.

Mount-able travel cap

Travel cover mounts to any glossy surface with firm pressure to keep your toothbrush neatly stored away from other surfaces and bacteria. Putting the brush inside the cover allows for protection during travel.

Subscription brushhead

This product comes with an optional subscription refill plan. Every three months you will receive a fresh toothbrush head in the mail and have the charge appear on your credit card. There are never shipping costs for subscription items and never any commitments.

toothpaste with descriptions. 'portion guides: pea-sized potion guide tube duration guides no more paste waste, anti-cavity: essential fluoride paste recommended by dentists no harmful whitening, travel ready: 2 week travel tube included stand up cap keeps clean no more hotel toothpaste!'
The toothpaste
Only the ingredients your teeth need

The secret to a bright healthy smile, is naturally healthy teeth. Each year we are told of new ingredients we should try out or avoid but there is only one constant among dentists: Fluoride.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been proven to prevent tooth decay by at least 25% in adults and children. We based our toothpaste around this essential that dentists recommend and removed the misleading whitening ingredients, damaging abrasives and needless additives they don’t.

By combining our pea-sized portion guide and free travel size tube with our mint fluoride formula, we want to help you use the right ingredients, everywhere you go!

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The toothpaste

Only the ingredients your teeth need

Large toothpaste

4.7oz full sized fluoride toothpaste provides 3 months worth of brushing when you use a pea-sized amount each time.

Travel toothpaste

0.85oz sized fluoride toothpaste provides 2 weeks worth of brushing when you use a pea-sized amount each time

Toothpaste ingredients

Active ingredient: Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.1% w/v fluoride)

Inactive ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Carboxymethyl , Cellulose, Flavor, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Saccharin

Electric toothbrush sets from $25
Refilled every 3 months from $5

For you
• Plastic ($25) or metal ($40) handle
• Dual-use wall mount / travel cover
• Optional home toothpaste

For your teeth
• Fresh soft bristles delivered on time
• Fibrations to help better brushing
• 2 minute timer guides technique

For life
• Lifetime guarantee*/30 day returns
• Refill plan optional/cancel anytime
• Refill plans ship free* (worldwide!)

Get quip
silver quip set
Refilled every 3 months from $5

• Head plan | $5
• Head+Paste plan | $10
• Ships free every 3 months
• Refills ship free worldwide
• Brush guaranteed for life
• Can cancel anytime