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Making checkups more rewarding

A critical part of a perfect oral care routine is attending twice yearly checkups with a dental professional, yet around 40% of people don't visit the dentist once a year, even when insured. We want to help make visiting the dentist more simple and rewarding.

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Digital reminders

It's all too easy to let checkups pass you by. We provide digital reminders to all quip members to visit the dentist every 6 months, and personalize them if you are connected to a dental provider on quip.

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Checkup rewards

Reminders are easy to ignore, especially when visiting the dentist is an experience many people want to avoid. We work with your connected providers to reward you for visiting them on time.

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Personalized advice

Nobody is more of an expert on your oral health than your own providers. So we deliver your connected dentist's tips and checkup notes seamlessly as part of our service.

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