Perfect-fitting, professional whitening & mouth guards

Brighten & protect your teeth from home, for hundreds less than at the dentist.

Pay hundreds less for pro-level results

Pro-quality ingredients, materials
Custom fit
Shipped to you
Upfront costs
Refills & new guards auto-shipped

NEW quip treatments


In-office treatments


Take whitening out of the dark ages

Get your brightest bite with made-for-you whitening trays and the same pro-level ingredients you’d get from the dentist.

  • Up to 63% whiter teeth after 2 weeks
  • Custom trays, 100% coverage
  • 1-hour daytime formula or overnight
Brighten up

Protect your teeth, catch more Zzzs

Off-the-shelf? Snooze! Rest easy and protect your teeth with a night guard that puts your teeth on cloud nine.

  • Custom-fit, durable design
  • Hard lining for extra durability
  • Or soft for extra comfort
Sleep better

Protect your teeth like an MVP

Keep your head in the game (and your teeth in your mouth) with a long-lasting sports guard that fits you like a glove.

  • Custom-fit, only 4mm thick
  • Strong, slim enough to speak with
  • 3 colors to match your team
Game on

DYK your impressions go a long way?

One set can be used for custom Whitening Trays, Night Guards, and Sports Guards!

Frequently asked questions

We offer the same quality materials and ingredients you’d get from the dentist, but for hundreds of dollars less — shipped to your home! Thanks to an Impression Kit, you’ll get devices that fit you perfectly. We also offer an optional subscription that delivers fresh refills and guards every 6 months.

Yes, and here’s why! By starting with an impression of your teeth, we can create whitening trays and/or mouth guards to fit your smile perfectly (unlike off the shelf options). It’s the custom fit that helps make your treatment that much more effective.

Hundreds of dollars! With a dentist, you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for whitening or mouth guards. quip Whitening is just $199, while Night and Sports Guards start at $159 — all with a custom-fit to make treatment that much more effective.

Yes! You’ll enjoy free shipping on all Custom Care Kits, refills, and new guards.

Custom Care devices are non-refundable because each product is tailor made to perfectly fit your mouth.