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Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser Floss Tip Refill

Rating 4.707446808510638 out of 5

What you get:

  • Floss Tip Refill: Magnetic 360º rotating tip

  • Compatibility: Works with any quip Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser

  • Toothpaste: Mint Anticavity Fluoride, xylitol, 100% recyclable tube

Every 3 months: Optional replacement floss tip(s). Plus, a lifetime warranty!

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Large Mint Anticavity Toothpaste detail
Large Anticavity Toothpaste

Anticavity fluoride, xylitol, SLS-free. Helps prevent cavities. Vegan-friendly. New 100% recyclable tube + cap!

Gray refresh bag detail
Refresh Bag

Bring good habits everywhere you go with our modern take on the toiletry kit. Collapses flat. Expands to pack plenty.

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Mint Toothpaste refill



Clear Water Flosser Floss Tip refill


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Better flossing? Take the plunge.

360º clean starts with the tip

Your healthier, easier flossing routine is all in the rotating tip. Made to reach every nook and cranny, you get the control (and clean!) you need.

  • Magnetic floss tip snaps into place
  • Tip effortlessly rotates 360º
  • Easy to get just the right angle
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Comfort and control, in your hands

Choose the cleaning pressure that feels right for your sensitivity level, and how you want water to flow. No stress, no mess.

  • Gentle & deep clean pressure modes
  • On-demand & continuous water flow
  • Perfect balance of power and comfort
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Refill plans delivered

Shop for one-time supplies or subscribe to a refill plan to get fresh floss tips every 3 months.

  • Automatic delivery to your door
  • Lifetime warranty with refill plan
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Reviews for our

Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser
Rating 4.5 out of 5

4.71 of 5 stars(188 reviews)

Rating 5 out of 5

Deborah D


Verified quip user

Submitted Sun Jan 15 2023


Easy, easy, easy to use, clean and charge!!!!! My DDS check up reflected it’s effectiveness

Previous toothbrush:

Rating 5 out of 5

Rafael C


Verified quip user

Submitted Mon Jun 19 2023

Best water flosser I’ve ever used!

The design is sleek and it’s quick easy and fun to use.

Previous toothbrush:

Rating 5 out of 5


Memphis, TN

Verified quip user

Submitted Fri Jun 23 2023

Thoroughly impressed

This is my first time ever owning and using a water flosser and wow, I am impressed. I mainly purchased to help reach the back of my teeth. I’ve had work done in the past and food gets stuck more easily there. This removed the food with ease and in seconds at that. Definitely use lukewarm water as recommended. I will probably still use string floss, maybe once every week or two just to help with any leftover buildup. Also, I only used the “light touch” option, where you gently press the button to control water flow and pressure instead of there being a constant water flow. It seems to be perfect for me! I don’t think I would ever have to use the stronger pressure option. I am still getting used to it, like how to slowly let the water dribble out of my mouth as I floss so that my mouth doesn’t fill up. It’s messy but I think I’ll get a technique down soon. I highly recommend this product for any first time users and experienced water flossers alike.

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