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Gifting guide

Starter Sets

You can choose to have your gift of choice sent to yourself (to gift in person) or directly to them, and then we send refill packs direct to them once every 3 months until you choose to cancel their plan. If you cancel the plan in your profile, we help them start their own plan using the email address you (optionally) provide at checkout. You can choose to gift a starter set without a 3 monthly Refill plan by clicking the "single set/brush" button under the item — we’ll help them sign-up for refills in 3 months if you supply their email during checkout.

Year Prepay Plans (Best Value)

Uses the same 3 monthly system as above, but the first 12 months of refills are prepaid, so you are not charged again until the first paid refill generates 12 months from date of purchase (and you can cancel before this happens). NOTE: The plan must be active to process and ship the prepaid refills, so do not cancel it before the final free shipment is sent. If you cancel, we prompt them to start their own plan using the email you (optionally) provide at checkout. Not available without a plan.

Couple and Family Group Sets

These special offer sets are designed for couples and families that live together. All brushes and refills come in one package to one address on day 1 and every 3 months, and this cannot be “split out” in the future. So, please avoid using couple and family sets to gift to multiple people that live in different locations. You can choose to gift a group set without a Refill plan by clicking "single set" button. (If you supply their email during checkout, we help them in 3 months to signup via email for a plan if enjoying quip.)


Metal or plastic handle?

Our anodized-aluminum metal brushes are most popular, and plastic will get you the lowest starting prices. Special editions All-Black (every purchase helps provide oral care access and education to disadvantaged families in collaboration with the ADA Foundation) and quip(RED) (every purchase helps provide up to 30 days of lifesaving HIV medicine) are metal, as well.

Toothpaste or not?

Sets with our mint, anti-cavity, ADA-accepted toothpaste are optional, but choosing sets with paste will get you the lowest starting prices.

Single Sets v. Prepay Refill Plan v. Regular Refill Plan

Refill plans get you the lowest starting prices and Prepaying for the first year gets you an even better deal on top. However, refill plans are optional, but prices are higher for Single Sets (non-refill plan items)

Checkout one at a time

To make for the simplest quip experience for you and them, it is important that each gift is tied to its correct name and address details by checking out one gift at a time. Doing so will organize your profile area in a way that allows for better tracking, support, updating and transferring of plans in the future!

Provide their contact details

During checkout you’ll be asked to optionally tell us the recipient's email to help them start their own plan once you stop paying for theirs (or if you didn’t gift a refill plan). We send no emails until you cancel their plan, at which point we send one helping them to sign up.

Choose where to ship gift

We know many of you want to gift quip in person, so tell us where you would like to send the gift, whether to your own address or direct to theirs.

Choose where to ship refills

If shipping the gift to yourself, be sure to select to send future refills to “a different address” and supply the address of the person you are gifting. You can change the address in your profile area in the future if needed or if you forgot to do so during checkout.

Manage gifts in your profile

Once you have finished checking out your gifts, you can view, track, manage and cancel orders and plans direct in the “my quip” area of your quip profile!

Special gift packaging

Our silver foil bags have quite the fan club, so if selecting "gift" at checkout we will send your bag inside a box, so that the foil bag has no shipping label or scuffs and arrives pristine and ready to be gifted! If you order multiple brushes and select "gift", we will be supplying one set of quip packaging (bag and welcome booklets) per brush ordered, so you can split the gift up however you like.

Extended returns

If you or your giftee are not happy with your brush, you can return purchases made between now and 12/23/18 by 01/23/19 for a refund. Please see help page for full refund policy details.

Starter sets

Get and gift 3 month starter sets and refill plans tailored for you and your loved ones

Quip store starter set silver 300x400
Silver Metal
$40 today | $10 refills every 3 months after
Quip store product starter brush plan silver 300x400
Silver Metal
$45 today | $5 refills every 3 months after

Prepay deals

Keep your mouth, or a friend's, happy for 12 months. Pre-pay the first year to get best value

Quip store starter set yr plan silver 300x400
Silver Metal
$65 today | Free 3-monthly refills for a year
Quip store product starter brush plan yr plan silver 300x400
Silver Metal
$55 today | Free 3-monthly refills for a year

Group sets

Freshen up the whole family with the best bundled price, a great gift for those under one roof

Quip store product couple set plan silver and slate 300x400
Silver + Slate Metal
$75 today | $20 refills every 3 months after
Quip store product family plan 300x400
$150 today | $40 refills every 3 months after


Stock up on extra plans & spares

Quip store product brush head refill 1 300x400
Soft Bristles (3 Month)
$5 today | $5 refills every 3 months after
Quip store product toothpaste single 1 300x400
Mint Anticavity (3 Month)
$5 today | $5 refills every 3 months after
Quip store product case single 2 300x400
Travel Cover Mount
White Plastic
$5 | No refills | Shipping not included
Quip manual brush 300x400
White Plastic
$10 today | $5 refills every 3 months after