//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/1vqdqI4HbLGGpENQNW9qNF/7f98a787776ac6095e3fdb596cbb1277/202308_Mint_SingleRefill_ProdImg-2700x2700_ICON-UPDATE.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/1vqdqI4HbLGGpENQNW9qNF/7f98a787776ac6095e3fdb596cbb1277/202308_Mint_SingleRefill_ProdImg-2700x2700_ICON-UPDATE.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/68b7x1WUyQGkhwZrakz6Zs/2c23eab05691cf1d4529ccc51a9c6fa6/202308_MKT_Manhatta_CaroImg_6.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/50HGvHTN4mF6rIBHAXTkEO/e252516cf1e55bec0e4b7c6484c97b57/202308_MKT_Manhatta_CaroImg_5.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/7267aH0iGmUIlyuHtrICKi/54852f99caec47efa44e88351d749783/202308_MKT_Manhatta_CaroImg_1.jpg lifestyle

Mint Refill

Rating 4.368421052631579 out of 5

Made for all-day fresh breath, with a boost to your oral health.

What you get: Mint Refill: Freshens breath, with essential vitamin D, no sugar 

Compatibility: Works with any quip dispenser (so does Gum!)

Every 3 months: Mint Refill 10-packs. Auto-shipping and lifetime warranty on dispenser.

For ages 5+. Adult supervision advised for under 8.

Color -  

Try Gum! Your mouth will love the tri-layer crunch + ADA-Accepted to help prevent cavities.

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$10/3 months

Great to freshen up on special occasions or on-the-go.

$30/3 months

Enough to bust bad breath every single day between refills.

$60/3 months

Are you an AM or PM minter? Why not both.

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Large Mint Anticavity Toothpaste detail
Large Anticavity Toothpaste

Anticavity fluoride, xylitol, SLS-free. Helps prevent cavities. Vegan-friendly. New 100% recyclable tube + cap!

All-Black Metal Refillable Floss Pick - Sliding detail
Refillable Floss Pick

Reusable floss pick with a mirrored dispensing case. One preloaded refill replaces 180 single-use plastic picks.

Rechargeable Smart All-Pink Metal Electric Toothbrush detail
Smart Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Smart, sleek, sustainable — recharge & reward your routine.

White Plastic Rechargeable Cordless Water Flosser detail
Rechargeable Water Flosser

Feel-good flossing — no strings attached. So you actually want to floss every day.

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Better mints for healthier mouths

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Load into any quip dispenser

Our slim dispenser (in 8 collectible colors!) packs and protects up to 10 pieces — no more smashed mints or noisy wrappers. Easy to fill, satisfying to dispense, it fits in any purse or pocket. Just press the “q” to pop a mint and share.

  • Refillable, shareable, travel-ready dispenser
  • Push a button, pop out a mint
  • Safely stores 10 mints (or gum pieces!)
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Fresh, functional ingredients

Confident, healthy mouths start here. While many adults are deficient in vitamin D, our mints deliver 25% of your daily value with every powerful pop. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, essential for strong teeth and bones.

  • Vitamin D (25% of your daily value)
  • Helps support oral- and whole-body health
  • No sugar, or its effects on teeth
  • Xylitol, naturally sweet & tooth-friendly
manhatta, mints, beat image

Refreshingly simple refills

Whether you mint on the fly or on the reg, we’ve got you covered! Customize your refill plan, delivered in a stay-fresh foil bag.

  • Refills delivered, auto-shipped every 3 months
  • Lifetime dispenser warranty with a refill plan
  • Edit or cancel your plan anytime

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Rating 5 out of 5

Renee K


Verified quip user

Submitted Tue Dec 12 2023

The best mints!

Woah these are the best mints, I’m so glad I decided to try them! The easiest mints to refill, they last a long time as well!

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