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We've helped you improve your oral health, now we want to make it simple and rewarding to improve the oral health of others! You can earn $5 refill credits for referring friends, or gift and manage quip accounts for your family!

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Refer friends

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We're serious about helping you and your friends change your brush heads when worn! What better way than by giving away free brush heads! Simply share your link or code with friends, and for every friend that signs up, you will stack up another $5 free brush head cycle! (and they get one too!). Keep referring, keep refilling for free!

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Share your coupon

After buying quip, you get a personal coupon code. Friends that sign up using it will get $5 off their first refill!

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Get $5 refill credits

For every friend that buys with your coupon, you get a $5 brush head refill credit added to your account!

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Keep refilling free

Your credits stack up! Each time you refill, one $5 credit is used. Keep referring, keep getting free brush heads!

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Gift family

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We want to help you gift quip to your family! get a $5 refill credit for Adding a family member to manage billing and access while your members get the deliveries and emails that are a crucial part of the experience! You can even 'release' members to manage their own account when you feel they are ready!

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Create, gift, earn

Create account using Family members name & email to buy quip on their behalf! Get $5 refill credit for doing so!

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Manage account

They get all the shipments, emails and support as a normal customer, but only you have access to account.

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Release account

You can hand over control of account to them, removing your credit card and password and requesting theirs.

Got quip? Get managing!
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Want rewards?

Click below to purchase quip and start earning rewards!

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More rewards?

Learn more ways to earn free brush head refills!

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