Travel tips for trips with your quips!

As you gear up for wherever this summer may take you, isn’t it refreshing (literally?) that this time you can bring your favorite electric toothbrush with you?! “Travel-fy” your quip (or “quipify” your travel?) with these handy tips to make sure you keep your quip, your teeth and the rest of your travel gear in tip top condition while on the go!


Use the travel cover

Gently ease your cover from your home mirror (we recommend rocking gently side to side if the suction is stuck strongly!) and flip your brush upside down, sliding it bristles first into the cover. This will give the perfect level of protection needed if putting quip in your bag among other personal care items!


Recycle tube, don't use it

We know it’s tempting, but the packing tube is not meant for travel. It’s airtight, which is great for shipping before your quip is used, but can lead to mold and bacteria growth (yuck!) and water damage if you store your brush in there. Be sure to only use the handy travel cover (which has properly designed ventilation!) to cover your quip while traveling. The plastic tube can simply be recycled with mixed plastics, or you can reuse it for crafts.


Give it some air

Protecting your bristles in an enclosed chamber while travelling is a great way to stop outside bacteria getting in, but if left too long, bacteria from your mouth left on the bristles can be encouraged to grow. So the second you arrive, make sure to rinse quip and give it some air by setting its bristles free in your bathroom!


Stick it with care

The suction strip on the back of your cover is a magical material, but it does require careful treatment. Not every shiny surface will work with it, especially if not 100% clean. As you aren’t the one cleaning your hotel, be cautious if sticking to the mirror or consider leaving your quip standing to eliminate risk!


Refresh your strip

When you get back home, we know you want quip returned to its prideful place: on your mirror! If your suction strip picked up any debris on the way, one awesome trick is to lay some regular (not extra strength!) clear tape over it, press gently, then peel it back. Your strip will be good as new!

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