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The quip Adult Sonic Toothbrush in Copper

Standard Soft Brush Head Refill

Battery With Battery
First order of toothpaste free when you subscribe!
A tube of quip anticavity fluoride toothpaste in mint flavor, standing upright

What you get:

Brush Head Refill + AAA Battery: Soft bristles and tongue scraper
Compatibility: Works with any quip Electric Toothbrush
Every 3 months: Optional Brush Head (+ AAA battery). Plus, a lifetime warranty!

If you don’t absolutely love your quip product(s), we accept returns within 30 days of purchase for a full product cost refund (return shipping not included). quip subscriptions are optional and can be canceled at any time. See full terms.

Compatible with any quip Electric Toothbrush

Our standard brush heads work with every quip (adult, kids, & smart), and come with a free AAA battery. Refresh every 3 months, like dentists recommended, before your bristles wear out and don't clean effectively.

  • Brush heads compatible with all quips
  • Free long-lasting AAA battery included
  • Replace every 3 months for best clean
Soft bristles brush better

Brush gently and effectively with soft bristles that are safe on sensitive gums and teeth. The slim, flexible brush head easily fits tight spaces, and has a tongue scraper on back to freshen up.

  • Soft round-tipped nylon bristles
  • Compact design helps clean tight spaces
  • Breath-freshening tongue scraper
Fresh refills delivered

On a refill plan, brush heads are auto-delivered every 3 months (before your bristles wear out and don't clean as well) alongside your other oral care supplies. Plus, auto-shipping and a lifetime product warranty.

  • Automatic delivery to your door
  • Lifetime warranty with refill plan
  • Edit or cancel your plan anytime

The first subscription Electric Toothbrush, Refillable Floss, Toothpaste & Gum accepted by the ADA.