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Simple design

We design products that guide good habits (and exclude the gimmicks that don't), to simplify a healthy routine!

The features

Guides technique

We only include features that guide good technique, and exclude gimmicks that do little but increase prices, to provide a more simple, honest and healthy clean!

Elevates routine

Scare mongering, guilt tripping or forcing a routine doesn't work. Instead, we design our products to be tools you actually want to use more often, more places!

Automates upkeep

Remembering to refresh equipment isn't easy! Our refill plans automatically deliver fresh supplies on time, automating upkeep to ensure quip is fresh and effective!

Despite what we've all been led to believe, the biggest impact on oral health comes from how well you brush and floss, not which features you use. So we designed quip to help support the good habits that count.

The products

The toothbrush

Features that matter (none that don't)

The best toothbrush is one that encourages healthy habits. Brushing gently for 2 minutes, twice a day, with short, tooth-sized strokes and soft bristles you replace every 3 months.

Despite toothbrush “advancements”, we forget these good habits and assume our brush can do the hard work for us. To help, our electric brush has timed sonic vibrations and affordable brush heads delivered, not needless modes, bulky chargers, or expensive refills.

The toothpaste

Only the ingredients your teeth need

The secret to a bright smile? Naturally healthy teeth. Each year we hear about new trends, but the only constant among dentists is fluoride, proven to prevent tooth decay by at least 25%.

We designed our paste with the right amount of fluoride, not misleading whitening, damaging abrasives, or needless additives. Plus, our tube has a pea-sized portion guide to help you use just enough, and avoid the dreaded paste waste.

The refillable floss

Let’s face it, most of us don’t floss as often as we should (at least once a day). It’s bad enough that we lie to our dentist, but the real damage is how it dings our oral health.

To bring some fun back to flossing, we designed a sleek, reusable dispenser with pre-marked string to guide your routine. The retractable top makes on-the-go easy, and we deliver affordable refills that last 3 months when you use ~18” every day.