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What matters?

The key to oral health is good habits, not gimmicks. It's less about which products you use,
more about how well you use them.

Consistent routine

Consistently brushing and flossing is the key to preventing major oral health problems, yet 50% of us don’t brush twice a day (and even fewer floss).

Correct technique

We’ve been led to believe that the more we spend and the more features we brush with, the better the clean, but it’s not about what you use, it’s the way you use it! And the same goes for floss.

Regular upkeep

Regular product refresh and dental visits are a health need, not just a hygiene one. Yet 75% of us don’t change our bristles or visit the dentist on time. And we’ve all lied to our dentist about how much we’re flossing.

Consistency is key to perfect, preventative care

Brush AM+PM

Bacteria love to grow in warm, dark spaces (like a snoozing mouth). Brush ‘em away before bed and after you rise and shine.

Daytime care

Midday maintenance can be a game changer. Take quip to work in its travel cover, floss after lunch, or chew sugar-free gum. Every little bit helps!

Daily flossing

Flossing is arguably even more important than brushing yet many of us fail to do so. Stop plaque before it starts by flossing daily.

It's not what you use, it's the way you use it!

Pea-sized paste

To keep teeth strong and cavity free, use a pea-sized dollop of fluoride paste (not an inch like you see in TV ads).

Brushy gently

Hard brushing is a root cause of receding gums. So lighten up, and gently grip the handle of your brush using your fingertips.

Short strokes

Rather than movie-style circular brushing or sweeping back and forth movements, brush using short, tooth size strokes.

Every surface

Hidden tooth surfaces are a haven for plaque. To protect every nook and cranny, brush the cheek, tongue, and biting sides of teeth.

Two minutes, twice a day

Two is the magic number for teeth. So take a minute (two, actually), and brush each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds.

Clean tongue

It may feel weird, but brushing your tongue fights bad breath. Gently use a tongue scrub or bristles to refresh those taste buds.

Section it off

When you’re flossing, make sure to not use the same area for every tooth — move your way down the string.

Floss along the curves

Fend off plaque by guiding floss around the gumline, following the c-shaped curve of your teeth.

To floss or brush first?

Truthfully, there’s no wrong answer! It’s more important that you floss, and floss well 😃

Regular upkeep is a health need, not just a hygiene one

1 month refresh

Water, toothpaste and bathroom air create a tough environment to store a brush. To clean cover, pop off cap using thumbnail and pop back in on a flat surface.

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3 month refill

Worn bristles are unhygienic and ineffective. Replace your brush head, floss, and paste with the fresh one we send you every 3 months as part of your refill plan.

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6 month checkup

Nothing can beat, or replace, your 6-month checkup. Add your dentist in your online quip profile for checkup reminders and incentives.

Love for quip
“It refines the oral care experience, reinforcing the fundamentals to give a more wholesome clean. I'll be adding quip to my routine.”
“I actually didn't think it would replace my Ultrasonic. But after using it for the last two weeks I'm definitely making the switch.”
“Rarely do we get a device so remarkably simple, clever, and practical that we can’t help but admire how damn well it works!”