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quip 360 Oscillating Toothbrush
Revolves around you

Calling all social butterflies, foodies, and go-go-go’ers! Get ready to love your oral care routine as much as you love first dates, mint chip ice cream, and going off the grid for a hot sec. quip 360 delivers the all-around clean your dentist recommends, while delighting you and your mouth with the sleek, premium design only quip can do. So go ahead, hit play — and feel the rush of a better brush.

Word of mouth
“I was very impressed with the overall design. It is very simple and does not have all unnecessary bells and whistles to complicate it.”
“If you have a chance to grab this toothbrush, toss that manual brush out and welcome this brush to your oral care family.”
“I have used all brands and types and I can honestly say this is by far my favorite toothbrush.”
“I love that there are multiple options when it comes to brushing intensity. As someone who travels a lot for work I also appreciate that it is easy to travel with and holds a charge for 30 days!”
“Finally, a power toothbrush that's nice to look at AND makes my teeth feel spotless! This brush is slim and minimal. I can leave it charging on my bathroom counter without worrying about clutter.”
“This toothbrush is a must-have. The toothbrush is very sleek and lightweight.”
“Move over, bulky toothbrushes! There is a new toothbrush in town. It's sleek, modern, and more importantly, super functional.”
“big fan. bigger smiles. it's the perfect size. The soft bristles are not too soft that they do nothing but my sensitive teeth and gums are loving me for making the switch. Travel friendly. Stylish. Fresh AF.”


Here’s everything you need to know about quip 360

What brushes are compatible with an Oscillating Brush Head?

Oscillating Brush Heads can be used with any quip 360 Oscillating Toothbrush.

Why should I get a brush head subscription?

Subscribers get a lifetime product warranty and fresh brush heads delivered on a dentist-recommended schedule every 3 months, by the time your bristles are old, worn out, and ineffective.

How long does my brush head last?

Dentists recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months, by the time your bristles are old, worn out, and ineffective. Subscribe to get fresh ones delivered automatically for the most effective, hygienic clean.

How do I brush with quip 360?

It’s easy! Unlike a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush with sensitive vibrations, oscillating bristles do the work for you — no scrubbing needed. Start brushing in one quadrant of your mouth, spend about 3 seconds per tooth, then switch quadrants every 30 seconds until your brush shuts off at 2 minutes.

What are the benefits of dual-length bristles?

quip dual length bristles have an outer ring that helps clean along the gumline and in between teeth, while the bristles in the center help polish and whiten your teeth.


Up to a 30-day battery life

‡when used on gentle, 2 min, 2x daily