So fresh, so clean

Better breath is just the beginning

New Mints! Mouth-wateringly delicious with ingredients that support oral health.

Fresh, functional ingredients

Fight bad breath at the source, for all-day fresh confidence — and a boost of vitamin D in every mint! Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, essential for strong teeth and bones. Take 10 Mints with you on the go, and share lickety-split at the touch of a button.

Powerful mint flavor without sugar

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Vitamin D (25% daily value)

Zinc to help fight odor

Fun, hygienic dispenser

Refreshingly simple refills

Whether you’re a spontaneous minter or a devotee, we’ve got you covered! Customize your refill 10-packs (30, 90, or 180 pieces), delivered in a stay-fresh foil bag. Auto-shipping, starting at just $10.

Refills delivered, auto-shipped every 3 months

Lifetime dispenser warranty with a refill plan

Just $0.33 per Mint



Your routine’s crowning achieve-mint.

For fresher breath & a healthier mouth.