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9 reasons so many upgrade to a quip Electric Toothbrush

Have you been putting off dental advice to go electric, or maybe you switched but have regrets? For years, brush brands have been adding features teeth don’t need to increase profits, leading to over-priced, complex options. Here’s how the designers and dentists behind quip fixed the electric brush.

1. An effective clean (at an affordable price).

By taking away all the bells and bristles — features teeth don’t need — quip is able to offer one of the most affordable electric toothbrushes on the market. It starts at just $25, and brush heads are delivered to your door every three months for only $7 plus shipping.

2. Guiding features that help you build healthy habits.

quip’s founders are designers, who worked closely with dentists to identify which features have the biggest impact on oral health. The one mode brush features sensitive sonic vibrations, for a gentle, effective clean. There’s also 30 second pulses that run for 2 minutes, so you clean for as long as you’re supposed to. It’s the basics, done better, and more intuitively. But don’t just take our word for it — our brush is ADA-accepted.

3. Sleek, light… and quiet.

It has the compact nature of a manual brush, with the power of an electric, and is almost silent in use (no more waking up your loved ones when brushing). More perks of ditching the features you don’t need. Best of all, its beautiful design is available in metal options that make picking up your brush twice a day something to actually look forward to.

4. Don’t let wires hold you back.

That clunky charging stand? You don’t need it. quip’s runs on a AAA battery, and it’s removable, allowing you to either replace it with the fresh one you get free with every brush head refill (both last 3 months), or to recharge it if that’s your preference. Another bonus of not needing a charger? A sleek, re-stickable, mirror mount that keeps your counter clutter-free, and your brush within reach.

5. Traveling with your electric toothbrush can be easy.

The sleek design easily fits in your makeup bag, carry-on bag, or whatever-type-of-bag, and stays fresh thanks to the mirror mount doubling as a travel cover. Pack it away when you’re traveling far, or tuck it into your backpack (or back pocket) if you’re just spending the night.

6. Get fresh new brush heads (before they wear out).

Did you know brush heads should be replaced every 3 months? That’s because frayed bristles are ineffective at cleaning teeth (and are also kind of gross). quip can auto-deliver fresh heads and floss refills to your door every 3 months for $7 each, (and you can add toothpaste for just $7 more).

7. Designed to last a lifetime

Gone are the days of accepting your electric brush will inevitably die after a year or so due to its locked in batteries struggling to hold on to a charge. The replaceable battery and modular design helps quip last, and it’s covered for the life of your plan in case it doesn’t. Brush not working? Have a question about it? The quip support team is here to answer everything.

8. 10,000+ 5-star reviews.

People, press and dental pros can’t get enough of the quip electric brush. The press is feeling the good vibes, too — The Today Show is calling the brush "a total game changer", while Vogue says quip is a product that’s "redefining dental care". The Huffington Post said the quip is “the answer to [my] electric toothbrush prayers”. And dental professionals love it too — 10,000 (and counting) are recommending quip to patients.

9. Don’t believe others, Try it yourself for 30 days, risk-free.

We’re pretty sure you’ll love quip at first brush, but personal preference is one of the most important factors when finding the most effective brush for you. The more you enjoy brushing, the better you tend to brush. Simple. quip, starting at $25 for plastic ($40 for metal) was designed to make brushing as enjoyable as possible, but if you’re not loving it, you have 30 days to return it for a refund.

Enjoy brushing better.