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11 reasons quip is the perfect (and most practical) gift this season

See all the ways quip is the it-gift for the holidays — and for better oral health all year long!

1. It's good for their mouth and easy on the wallet.

quip is what happens when dentists work with designers to build a better toothbrush. We stripped away the gimmicks teeth don’t need and improved the features they do. The result: the most delightful electric toothbrush your mouth will ever meet, starting at $25.

2. It's made for everyone with a mouth, literally.

quip is your go-to for all those hard-to-shop-for people on your list. (Afterall, we could all benefit from better oral care habits.) quip is a little something that goes a long, long way for their well-being. Plus, it shows how much you care about them, inside and out.

3. It comes with the dentist seal of approval.

We’re more than just good looks. We know our stuff and always put the health of your mouth first. That’s why quip is the first subscription Electric Toothbrush, Refillable Floss, & Anticavity Toothpaste Accepted by the American Dental Association.

4. You can customize it to fit their style.

Don’t be afraid to get personal. Show you really know your giftee by picking out a quip bundle of oral care products in their favorite color. While supplies last, you can choose from 9 different styles, including all-color Smart brushes and luxe metallics. And we’ve got kid-friendly colors, too!

5. It is designed to guide better oral care habits.

A quip Electric Toothbrush crosses off everything on your mouth’s wishlist. Its sensitive sonic vibrations help you get brush better (not harder). Plus, its built-in timer with 30-second pulses makes sure your whole mouth gets a complete and even clean.

6. It’s easy to take with you anywhere.

quip makes it easy to have good habits, even when you're on the go. Our sleek, lightweight design fits effortlessly into makeup cases, backpacks, carry-on luggage… or a quip Refresh Bag. And there are no wires to tangle you up or bulky chargers to weigh you down. Plus, our reusable mirror mount doubles as a nifty travel cover, keeping your brush head clean and protected anytime you hit the road.

7. It might make them actually *want* to floss.

Do they have a thing for string, or prefer picks? quip has both in refillable dispensers that are just as affordable as other brands, and more eco-friendly. Their refillable design means that you can keep the dispenser for life and just replace the refill spool or pod to help reduce plastic waste. Floss that’s good for the environment and good for your mouth? Sounds like a win-win to us.

8. Make it Smart to coach better brushing and give them free stuff with our app!

Got any tech-heads on your list? Give them a brush they can totally geek out over. Our Smart Electric Brush (for kids, too!) pairs with the free quip app to track your routine and dish out feedback on your brushing. (By the way, our Bluetooth® Smart Motor is also sold separately for quip-ers who could use an upgrade!) Plus, better brushing can earn you rewards like free quip products, discounts, gift cards, and more.

9. Extra time to try it (or return it risk-free).

We bet it will be love at first brush, but we’re giving you extra time to test out your quip during the holidays just in case. Any purchase made from November 16th to December 25th can be returned for a full refund through January 31st, so no need to rush. Settle in, open a nice tube of toothpaste, and get to know each other.

10. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee.

When we say that quip is built to last, we’re not just mouthing off. All of our products are automatically covered for a full year the second you purchase them. And when you pair your brush or floss with a refill plan, we’ll cover them for life. If your giftee has any questions, our trusted support team is here to help with a smile 😃

11. It’s the gift that makes it feel like the holidays all year round.

With our easy refill subscription plan, new brush heads, floss spools and pods, and anticavity pasted are packaged up and delivered straight to their door every 3 months. It’s a simple, dentist-recommended way to make sure their routine stays fresh and it lets them skip the store. The best part? Refills start at just $5 each!