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When To Wet Your Bristles

When To Wet Your Bristles

Should you wet your toothbrush before or after adding toothpaste?

The internet has gone into a frenzy over an age-old debate: Should you wet your bristles before or after adding toothpaste? Truly an important debate during these trying times. But, really, we asked quip Dentist Dr. Hariawala if it actually matters… and it turns out it does. Here’s the right answer.

According to quip Dentists Dr. Hariawala (sit down before reading this if you’re a one-time bristle wetter), you should wet your bristles before *and* after adding toothpaste to your brush. Think of it like one of those prank toothpaste Oreos, except on either side of the toothpaste layer there’s water instead of chocolate cookies.

First, you should rinse your brush to get it good and clean for brushing. But, more importantly, this will help soften your bristles to prevent them from being too abrasive on your teeth and gums. Then, after tucking a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto its bristle bed, you should quickly wet your bristles again. This will make sure your toothpaste easily sticks on, preventing it from falling into your sink right when you start raising your brush to your mouth.

Consider your bristles wet, pasted and ready to clean.

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