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The first floss designed to get your patients to floss.

The first floss designed to get your patients to floss.

Meet our newest oral care product! Learn how we re-thought the form and function of the flossing experience with our sleek, portable, refillable floss.

At quip, we’re more than a little design obsessed. For our first new product since the original Electric Toothbrush, we worked with dental professionals to re-think both the form and function of the flossing experience. Because let’s face it, for most patients, flossing feels like a chore no matter how many times their dentists and hygienists educate them.

Introducing, quip Refillable Floss.

It won’t likely come as a surprise that two-thirds of Americans are not flossing daily[1], and they’re missing out on a crucial part of their oral care routine. And those who actually floss? Often, they do so improperly, requiring OHI remediation.

Designed to inspire better habits, our Refillable Floss is something patients will actually want to use. But how does it work?

  • A sleek design worth showing off: We designed our floss to be both easy and enjoyable to use. The design, available in five different colors, is beautiful enough to display on the bathroom counter to help keep flossing top of mind - and can be easily tossed into a purse of backpack for on-the-go flossing needs.
  • Pre-marked string to guide good routines: The American Dental Association-accepted nylon string is pre-marked for daily use (approximately 18-inches). The mint flavored waxed string also expands with moisture to help remove plaque and prevent gingivitis between teeth, and show what’s already been used — so every nook and cranny gets a fresh sweep.
  • Tips and tricks: We want your patients to be compliant and expert flossers. That’s why we share easy to follow to help patients floss like a boss.
  • Refills at the ready: The quip floss dispenser is forever full, with automatic subscription refills delivered every three-months for $5 each, making good habits easier than ever to maintain.

Want to try quip Refillable Floss? Head to /collections/floss to purchase today. to purchase today.


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