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The first floss you’ll actually want to use

The first floss you’ll actually want to use

Meet our newest oral care product! Learn how we rethought the form and function of the flossing experience with our sleek, portable, refillable floss.

Hello world, meet our newest oral care product!

At quip, we’re more than a little design obsessed. For our first new product since the original electric toothbrush, we rethought the form and function of the flossing experience. Because let’s face it, for most people flossing feels like a chore.

In fact, two in three people (that’s almost 70% of Americans) don't floss every day[1]. They’re missing out on a crucial part of their oral care routine. And the ones who are actually flossing? They’re usually doing it wrong.

Designed to inspire better habits, our sleek, portable, refillable floss is something you’ll want to use. But how does it work?

  • A sleek design you’ll want to string along: The slim, reusable floss container dispenses string with the click of a button. Not to mention the design is beautiful enough to display on the bathroom counter and sleek enough to toss into a bag for any on-the-go flossing needs.
  • Pre-marked string to guide your routine: The American Dental Association accepted pre-marked, expanding string is measured out for daily use (approximately 18 inches), taking the guesswork out of flossing for more effective habits. The minty fresh waxed region expands to help remove plaque from between teeth, and to show what’s already been used — so every nook and cranny gets a fresh sweep.
  • Refills at the ready: The quip floss dispenser will be forever full with automatic subscription refills delivered every three months for $5 each.

Our mission at quip is to help people form better habits to improve their oral (and overall!) health. We’re taking something from a dreaded to-do to a revitalized ritual by making it an enjoyable experience. And we hope this thoughtful, innovative new floss design does just that.

Want to be the first to try quip Refillable Floss? Head to to build your oral care routine today.

  1. 'Study Says Nearly a Third of Americans Don't Floss', June 13, 2016,

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