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Technology We Love That Makes Aesthetic Cases More Effective

Technology We Love That Makes Aesthetic Cases More Effective

New technology is becoming more and more accessible in the dental industry— there’s a lot to get excited for when it comes to your aesthetic cases.

One of the things patients value most is the appearance of their teeth[1], which is why professionals often find themselves being inundated with questions about the latest and greatest procedures for perfection. Beyond just looks, we know that poor aesthetics can also be a contributing factor to functionality. Luckily, new advancements in aesthetic dentistry are giving providers predictable and lasting outcomes - making both the provider and patient happy. Here are some recent advancements in aesthetic dentistry that have us excited:


With growing sensitivity concerns, additives like Potassium Nitrate are becoming more and more common. Whitening companies are regularly offering multiple formulations.


The rise of competition in the clear aligner market is actually helping push the development of software further and further. Providers are getting more accurate timelines, and better outcomes in their cases.


Materials for veneers are stronger than ever. Thinner, stronger, more natural veneers are here, and more conservative preps.


Implant technology has come a long way! The rise of alternatives in implant procedures and stronger more biocompatible materials means better success in even the toughest of cases.

Gummy Smiles:

Short-term Botox injections (even providing medical benefit in some cases), and long-term TADs, procedures are giving patients beautiful outcomes, in what was once perceived to be an unfixable problem.


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