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Why quip is acquiring Toothpic, a teledentistry company

Why quip is acquiring Toothpic, a teledentistry company

quip Acquires Teledentistry Company Toothpic to become first 360-degree oral health service and improve dental care access for over 40 million people.
  • Acquisition makes quip the first oral care company to connect at-home oral care products with preventative telehealth services and professional dental care.
  • Teledental offering will add preventative digital checkups as well as on-demand virtual emergency care to the quip app and ecosystem with the ultimate aim to help shift the dental industry to a value-based care model over time.
  • quip’s oral care companion aims to improve people’s oral health by providing, tracking, guiding, and incentivising better at-home preventative care and connecting to a network of providers for in-practice care.

NEW YORK – April 20, 2022 – quip, the modern oral health company with more than 8.5 million users, today announced that it has acquired Toothpic, a leading telehealth company offering teledental services and care to more than 36 million Americans through partnerships with premier dental insurers. The acquisition is part of quip’s strategy to improve people’s oral health by providing a first-of-its-kind, digital oral care companion that seamlessly manages a 360-degree suite of personal and professional oral care products and services, while guiding and incentivizing good oral health habits.

Access to quality dental care continues to be a challenge that persists within the United States. Teledentistry services can help increase access to quality care in both rural and urban communities, remove barriers to oral health care disparities, and ultimately support better oral health outcomes by taking a more preventative approach to professional care through more regular at-home virtual checkups.

“By embedding Toothpic’s teledentistry platform and nationwide network of online dental professionals into our app, we will centralize access to a full suite of connected oral care products and dental services that will drastically alter the way people experience and manage their oral health,” said Simon Enever, Co-Founder and CEO of quip. “We are excited to welcome the extremely talented Toothpic team to the quip community to help us continue building this much needed platform for patients and providers.”

quip’s goal is to help people build and maintain good, long-lasting preventative oral care habits, which goes well beyond just the products they use. By adding virtual, on-demand access to dental professionals, quip has built a singular digital platform where users can track daily oral care habits, monitor oral health changes over time, schedule regular virtual visits to prevent or identify issues early on and book in-person, local dental appointments when required, all from the comfort of their own home.

Once fully integrated, current quip and Toothpic users and partners will have access to a free oral care companion app that guides and rewards good oral health habits such as brushing and having a dental checkup, and helps manage the following comprehensive suite of oral care products and services:

  • Personal & Professional Care Products including adult and kids electric toothbrushes. refillable floss pick and string, refillable mouthwash, gum, and their recently launched professional clear aligner service. quip also offers smart brushes that allow the user to automatically track how they are brushing in the app.
  • Digital Oral Health Monitoring to further support preventative care between in-person dental visits. Through asynchronous virtual dental professional screenings that analyze photos of users’ mouths, users will be able to track their mouth health over time through in-depth reports that can be delivered in as little as 6 hours, as well as product, prescription and treatment recommendations.
  • Direct Connection to Local Dental Professionals & Immediate Care through a digital directory and instant booking. Users will be able to find and book in-person dental services from providers in their area or schedule live video consultations with a dentist for an immediate diagnosis and advice.

“We have made incredible strides in making oral health care accessible to individuals and businesses around the country through our web and mobile applications,” said Shane Owens, CTO and Co-Founder of Toothpic. “We share a vision for shifting dentistry from a fee-for-service model to a preventative- focused, value-based care one. We can’t imagine a better partner than quip as we seek to further our mission to provide innovative oral care solutions that not only improve the lives of patients, but also improve and modernize the deliver of care to our provider networks and lower the cost of care to our partners.”

Through the acquisition, the combined platform will connect millions of patients with dentists nationwide through the integration of Toothpic’s ecosystem and their partnerships with benefit providers such as Delta Dental of California and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts as well as quip’s recently announced partnership with UnitedHealthcare Dental.

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About quip

quip is a modern oral health company launched in 2015 that provides thoughtfully designed personal oral care products and professional dental care services through a digital platform that makes oral care more simple, accessible, and enjoyable. The current personal care offerings include a wide selection of American Dental Association accepted (ADA seal) adult and kid electric toothbrushes, smart brushes, refillable floss pick and string, refillable mouthwash and gum, all kept fresh with a refill delivery service. quip’s professional platform, which is behind quip Aligners and quipcare, is part of the company's future vision to connect personal care, oral health monitoring and professional care in one digital oral care companion app that helps access and manage all your oral care needs and guide and incentivize good oral health habits. quip was co-founded by Simon Enever and Bill May. Learn more at

About Toothpic

Toothpic is a leading smart dental technology company on a mission to radically transform people's oral health. Toothpic leverages technology, data and insights to deliver better care, better outcomes and a more personalized experience. Toothpic partners with ambitious organizations including health plans, dental providers and oral care companies to expand access to care, increase quality and improve oral health outcomes for individuals. Since 2012 the company has leveraged the power of technologies including smartphone imagery, artificial intelligence and data-driven insights to complement its deep clinical expertise and rapidly growing teledentistry network of over 500 providers across all 50 states. These partners are the largest and most progressive oral health companies globally, helping define and build a future of dental care that is integrated, accessible and designed to achieve improved outcomes and higher-quality care at a lower cost for all.

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