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Gifting By Habit

Gifting By Habit

This season, try a gift that will improve habits and health! We look at pre-existing habits of our loved ones to find out just what makes the perfect gift.

It’s that time of year (again). Time to pour a cup of coffee, sit in front of the computer screen, and attempt to solve that impossible equation: what holiday gifts should you buy for your family and friends. Before you give-up that-one-guy-with-the-band-who-performed-at-that-cool-underground-place-you’ve-never-heard-of turn to gift cards or patterned socks, try something that will improve your giftees’ habits, and health. At quip, we know it’s the good habits – like brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day – that make all the difference in dental health. We also know it’s the fun, quirky, and okay, yes, sometimes annoying habits that make our beloved friends and family who they are. From the “overachievers” to the “smart savers” — we’re here to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping with gift ideas to suit every habit (and mouth). Shop these gifts and more at the quip holiday store.

The Tastemaker → quip All-Black Everything Set

Trendsetter, early adopter, influencer — you know the one. This is the friend who is first to own the newest of everything. They dine at the trendy restaurants, wear the latest fashion styles and listen to the hottest new music from that-one-guy-with-the-band-who-performed-at-that-cool-underground-place-you’ve-never-heard-of. How do you buy a gift for this person? Treat them to the sleek and chic All-Black Everything Set. Complete with our Limited Edition All-Black Metal Electric Toothbrush, quip Refillable Floss, Mint Toothpaste and new Refresh Bag — it’s everything your friend needs to maintain good habits in style. Not only does it look good — the purchase of the All-Black brush also directly impacts children in need of dental care through our partnership with Global Dental Relief. When you see this brush proudly displayed in their bathroom, you’ll know you nailed it.

The Intrepid Traveler → quip Refresh Bag

This is your friend who knows how to find the best airline deals, consolidate all of their belongings into a tiny carry-on, and still have the perfect outfits for 3-5 days, no matter the climate. They’re the person who has A. Lot. Of. Thoughts. about where you should eat, drink and stay in every global city — and also how to make your trip as smooth as possible. The quip Refresh Bag is the perfect companion for the person who lives for another stamp in their passport. Easily packable and thoughtfully designed to keep their quip products (and more) carefully organized inside, the Refresh Bag makes it easier than ever to keep up good dental habits, no matter where their frequent flier miles take them.

The Savvy Saver → quip Adult Plastic Essentials Set

In every family or friend group, there is that one person who is a bit more money conscious — and never spends money on themselves. They deserve to be treated, but shudder at the thought of you buying them something luxurious or extravagant. For this person, look no further than the quip Plastic Electric Toothbrush. At only $50, our electric brush comes with a large mint anticavity paste (and a promotional voucher to cover the first year of quip!) to enhance the brushing experience, without breaking the bank.

The one who sends the best thank-you cards → quip Gold Metal Everything Set

Some of us are lucky enough to have a friend who is easy to buy for. Every gift, from a kitschy painted coffee mug to front row Broadway tickets gets the same enthusiastic “thank you,” along with a perfectly timed card in the mail. So why not show them some appreciation for their the gold standard of friendship with the quip Gold Metal Everything Set? Everytime they see that shiny regal brush and floss by their bathroom sink, they’ll be reminded of how much you appreciate them.

The one who has three kids and goes running at 5am → quip Kids Must-Haves

That friend who somehow manages to feed their kids only organic foods, always make drop-off and pick-up on time, and still finds time to meet you for drinks and has a fulfilling personal life? These super-humans do exist, and buying for them (or their kids) can be a struggle — but not this year! Help them keep their parenting game on point with the quip Kids Starter set, a gift that will make them, their kids, and their kids’ dentist very happy.

At the end of the day, remember that it’s the thought that counts. So think about giving the gift of good habits this season and shop at the quip holiday store. Happy gifting!

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