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Smile — we’re making your routine more sustainable

Smile — we’re making your routine more sustainable

In honor of Earth Day, read on for how we’re releasing eco-friendly products, and streamlining our shipping to make it more sustainable.
Earth Day Solar Charger Beat

Let the sun in with the Solar Battery Charger

We’re excited to launch a huge sustainable step in your day-to-day routine with the Solar Battery Charger (now available). Our design team developed a sleek, solar charger with built-in tilt to maximize sun exposure. Trickle-charging slowly builds a charge in the battery over a three month period — just in time for your brush head refill. The charger comes with two rechargeable AAA batteries, so you’ll always have one ready to power up your quip Electric Toothbrush.

Flats packaging image

Reconsidering refills

In order to reduce plastic in our packaging, we created a fresh, paper-based design that’s loved by our customers (and the planet). With this reworked design, our refills now ship in paper trays that are 100% recyclable. And as we continue to work on new product development (hint hint!), we’ll always prioritize designs that put our best eco-friendly footprint forward. This effort not only makes life easier for our subscribers, it’s helping to reduce the packaging we use by cutting out millions of plastic tubes and foil bags every month.

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