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Ariel, RDH & children’s author

Ariel, RDH & children’s author

Insights and inspiration with a dental entrepreneur

Who says dental hygienists can’t be artists too? Ariel, RDH talks to us about how entrepreneurship helped her create a life based on her passions: travel, creativity, and oral health!

quip: Can you share a bit about your role in dentistry and the journey that led you to where you are today?

Ariel: I'm a traveling dental hygienist and dental entrepreneur with a passion for creativity and oral health. In my six years of experience, I've not only provided top-notch care but also authored a fun children's book called 'The Story of Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth.' Oh, and did I mention I have my own teeth-whitening brand named 'Twinkle'? Fun fact: 'Twinkle' is a spin-off of my middle name, 'Star.’ My favorite part about my career is engaging with kids at schools, making dentistry exciting and accessible to them. I enjoy making learning about oral health fun!

quip: Reflecting on your journey, what pivotal moments have shaped your approach to dental care?

Ariel: One standout was when I realized the power of patient education and prevention early in my career, which led to the creation of my children's book, "The Story of Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth." I learned the magic of making dental education fun and accessible, especially for kids. This moment inspired me to approach dentistry with creativity, empathy, and a whole lot of fun!

quip: As a dental professional, what brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

Ariel: Nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing the positive impact I can make on my patients' lives. Whether it's helping someone overcome their fear of the dentist, witnessing a child's excitement as they learn about oral hygiene, or seeing the joy on a patient's face when they achieve their dream smile, these moments remind me why I chose this profession. Knowing that I can contribute to someone's overall health and confidence through quality dental care is incredibly fulfilling to me.

quip: In your opinion, what is one misconception about dentistry that you'd like to debunk?

Ariel: The belief that it's an easy profession and everyone in it is always happy. While it's rewarding, dentistry requires rigorous training and can be physically and mentally demanding. Dental professionals often need massages, chiropractic care, and strategies for decompressing due to the strains of the job. Like any profession, they face challenges and stresses that impact their well-being, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support within the dental community.

quip: How do you define "wellbeing," and how does it influence your approach to dentistry?

Ariel: For me, "wellbeing" encompasses both physical and mental health, as well as overall life satisfaction. It's about finding balance and fulfillment in various aspects of life. In dentistry, prioritizing wellbeing is crucial. The demanding nature of the profession requires us to take care of ourselves holistically. This means not only focusing on clinical skills but also ensuring we take breaks and travel, eat well, exercise, and nurture relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Simply getting away from work periodically is vital to recharge and prevent burnout. By prioritizing wellbeing, we not only maintain our own health but also enhance our ability to provide quality care to our patients, fostering a positive and sustainable approach to dentistry.

quip: If you could change one thing about the current landscape of dentistry, what would it be, and why?

Ariel: I would give dental hygienists more autonomy. This means enabling them to establish their own cleaning clinics or work in alternative settings, such as naturopathic offices, without direct dentist supervision. This change would increase access to preventive care, address dental anxiety, and create a gateway for individuals hesitant to visit a dentist. It's about enhancing overall oral health outcomes for everyone.

quip: What advice would you give to students who are graduating this month and stepping into the field of dentistry?

Ariel: Well, I’d first say congratulations on your graduation and entry into the field of dentistry! As you step into this exciting realm, remember to embrace every opportunity for growth and learning. Your journey in dentistry isn't just about a profession, but about making a positive impact through oral health. Stay curious, compassionate, and always believe in your ability to make a difference. Trust in your skills, stay committed to excellence, and never forget the profound impact you can have on someone's life with your care and expertise. Welcome to the amazing world of dentistry, where every smile you create is a testament to your dedication and passion. Best of luck on your incredible journey ahead! Also follow me on my social media haha 😂

quip: When you're not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Ariel: I prioritize activities that ignite my creativity and bring me joy. I love writing stories, exploring new entrepreneurial ideas, and simply enjoying life to the fullest. I believe in making the most of every moment because life is a precious gift and we only get one.

quip: What role does quip play in your daily routine, and why do you value it as a dental professional?

Ariel: quip plays a vital role in my daily routine, particularly for mid-day brushing on the go. As a dental professional, I value its convenience, effectiveness, and emphasis on oral health. Its sleek design ensures I can maintain oral hygiene throughout the day, promoting a fresh and healthy smile anytime, anywhere!

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