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Ready to Ace Your Next Dental Exam? Study the Habits That Make it Possible

Ready to Ace Your Next Dental Exam? Study the Habits That Make it Possible

With school ramping up, it’s just as easy for consistent oral care to get lost in the shuffle.

The smell of notebook paper between aisles, buses the color of #2 pencils — it’s officially back to school season!

And let’s face it, while plenty are raring to get back to class, it’s hard to not already miss summertime. Limitless snacking around the clock, later weeknights with friends. But the flexibility that summers bring can also eat right into the daily habits (like brushing, flossing and rinsing) that for many of us come easier with more structure in the day.

The same can be said of busier schedules, too. With school ramping up, it’s just as easy for consistent oral care to get lost in the shuffle. Here, though, we prefer to see the new school year for what it is — the next fresh start toward dental nirvana!

So in the spirit of holistic oral health, here’s our rubric for keeping oral care near the top of the bag.

Dentist-recommended, school-approved

  1. Pack, snack and hydrate accordingly! This means foods and beverages with less of a sugar load and more in the way of the vitamins and minerals your mouth needs to stay in top form.
  2. Chew sugar-free gum after meals to help saliva clear the mouth of leftover food and its byproducts. Afternoon brushing works, too, but remember to wait 30 minutes after eating (timing really does matter).
  3. Ready to get proactive? Talk to your dentist about sealants. A relatively cheap procedure, they can prevent as much as 80% of cavities within the first two years of application. Some schools even participate in sealant programs where the dentist comes to you!

While these are great practices, there’s one seven-letter word we haven’t mentioned: And it’s the glue that holds your whole world together.

The magic of ~routine~

Routines are like fairy godmothers but real. They carry us through the day more efficiently, lessen stress and even help lock in the healthy habits we’re all trying to stay on top of. (Just ask science.)

Better than a fairy godmother, though, you can choose your routines! So what can students and parents do to be more tooth-friendly in the new school year?

  • Avoid forgetting or falling behind by setting reminders for dental visits using calendar apps on phones, computers or smart home assistants. The same can be done for daily care as well!
  • Make dental visits seamless by scheduling appointments when other parents aren’t rushing to get cleanings ahead of school starting, or when healthcare policies renew (usually December and January).
  • Foster consistent oral care by rewarding students with money, money and money — or anything else you know they’d appreciate after a clean, cavity-free bill of health.
  • Unlock optimal brushing with the toothbrush that actually rewards better brushing habits.

When you think about it, a smile is our most vital life accessory. Whether or not it shows up on a school supply list!

It’s our mission to help people pass their dental exams with flying colors, through the tips, tools and talk that make oral care great. (Think of it as the cheat sheet your dentist would want you to use.)

Find out how we’re going below the gumline to shape oral care.

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