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2 minute clips to make brushing fly-by!

2 minute clips to make brushing fly-by!

We know that brushing twice a day for two minutes can seem like a total chore. With quip’s two-minute timer and 30 second guiding pulses, we make it easy to...

We know that brushing twice a day for two minutes can seem like a total chore. With quip’s two-minute timer and 30 second guiding pulses, we make it easy to zone out while you brush, and a growing number of us are using that time to browse our phones to pass the time! Well, instead of spending most of that time just finding the right content to watch, we’re going to take care of that part for you, by compiling a list of 2-minute clips that match your interests! Whether you’re looking for fitness tips, food ideas or just something fun, follow our growing array of playlists to get quick access to content that will help make those 2-minutes fly by twice daily! (and yes, you can also use these during other parts of your bathroom routine ;) )

Animals & pets

We thought about calling this category “cute” but then we realized that pretty much everything cute involves an animal (and usually a puppy or a kitten). So try not to dribble while watching these little critters!

Architecture & automobiles

Try keeping your jaw from dropping while learning about everything from the most ambitious building projects in the world, to always outrageous concept cars. Do these two categories go together? We’ll see!

Art & design

We’ll be extremely impressed if you are able to do arts and crafts while brushing, but at the very least, you can line up some interesting projects for later or just be in awe of these incredible artists and designers!

Beauty & hair

There is probably not a more appropriate time to be learning the latest beauty tips and tricks, than while brushing your teeth in a morning, even though of course your smile is the most beautiful thing about you ;)

Business & finance

There aren’t many things more boring than these subjects, but tooth brushing may well be one of them, so surely this is the perfect time to brush up on advice from managing finances to launching a business!?

Hobbies & leisure

This category is sure to be a hit and miss, as what constitutes a hobby to one person, might be a nightmare to another! So think of it as hitting “I’m feeling lucky” on google and give it a shot to see what you think!

Home & garden

We don’t think there is a person in the world who thinks their home or garden is “complete”, so dive into this list and pick out a few projects to make sure you have something to fill the time on a Sunday afternoon.

Fashion & products

This one should be interesting. What is “in right now” is not something we have any desire to make a call on, so instead, we’ll stick to some fun tricks, history lessons and how-to’s and see what sticks!

Fitness & wellness

Ok, we understand not everyone will be doing star jumps while brushing, but these 2-minute fitness clips should at least provide some inspiration for a quick morning workout before jumping in the shower

Food & drink

If you are anything like us, you’re probably hungry while brushing your teeth (and honestly, all the time!), so why not make the problem worse by watching these recipes and ideas condensed into 2 minutes!


From an addictively bad song about brushing your teeth, to classic NFL lip syncing, these clips will make you smile just like they do in those cheesy toothbrush adverts from other brands we will not name ;)

Games & gaming

We are aware that these two things might not mix, but we were trying to keep things tidy! You’ll find anything from party game ideas, to computer game guides and things will probably get weird along the way


Maybe the best thing we could do for you while brushing is distract your kids? Or maybe (even better) your kids are using quip and need something to occupy them for 2 minutes?! Either or, we’re here to help!

Learning & history

It’s amazing how much you can condense in 2 minutes, and these geniuses manage to condense even neuroscience into 2 minutes. Who needs college when you have YouTube? (joke!)

Mouth & boealth

Hey, we had to! Seriously though, if you were amazed by how little you knew before reading the tips page on our website, this section is a must watch for the best mouth and body health tips from the best in the biz.

Music & entertainment

It would be easy to dump a load of music videos in here, but we built these Spotify playlists for that. So we’re going to use this spot for everything from top 250 movies ever, to “Harry Potter in 2 minutes”


In the same way that animals are always cute, people are always…well, fascinating. Dive into a world of social experiments and amazing people to brighten up (or somber the mood) your morning and evening routine.

Science & technology

Bring out your inner geek with these quirky videos that will teach you anything from the basics of neuroscience to the future of, well, everything we do today. And all in 2 minutes 


Football, baseball, basketball… boring! Now you can learn about the basics of curling or watch the longest rally in men’s badminton history and other arguably pointless, but certainly entertaining gems.

Travel & doors

We all want to see more of the world, but time, work and money can hold us back. See the wonders of the world, from the comfort of your own bathroom sink, on a tiny cell phone screen. It’s just like being there!


Feeling lucky? Lazy? Or just want to watch the latest video we upload every day? Click here to take a gamble and just hit “shuffle”. We wish you luck! (And don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

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