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Smart Custom Bundle

Earn rewards for brushing better, and get two ways to floss.

What you get: Smart Electric Toothbrush & Cover (3-month battery life), Mint Anticavity Toothpaste, Refillable Floss String, Refillable Floss Pick

Every 3 months: Brush head (free battery), floss spool & pod refills, and toothpaste delivered for $5 each.

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Smart All-Black Metal Electric Toothbrush detail image
Smart Electric Toothbrush

Earn amazing rewards as you track and improve your good brushing habits.

$65 $60
All-Black Metal
Large mint toothpaste detail image
Large Anticavity Toothpaste

Anticavity fluoride, xylitol, SLS-free. Helps prevent cavities. Vegan-friendly. New 100% recyclable tube + cap!

All-Black Metal Refillable Floss Pick detail image
Refillable Floss Pick

Reusable floss pick with a mirrored dispensing case. One preloaded refill replaces 180 single-use plastic picks.

$30 $25
All-Black Metal
All-Black Metal Refillable Floss String detail image
Refillable Floss String

Refillable dispenser, retractable top, and preloaded, expanding mint string.

$25 $20
All-Black Metal
All-Black Gum Dispenser detail image
Gum + Refillable Dispenser

Refillable dispenser. Mint Gum Refill (90 pieces). Helps prevent cavities, freshens breath, sugar-free with tooth-friendly xylitol.

Black refresh bag detail image
Refresh Bag

Bring good habits everywhere you go with our modern take on the toiletry kit. Collapses flat. Expands to pack plenty.

Solar Battery Charger detail image
Solar Battery Charger

Make your 3-month refresh more eco-friendly. Comes with two rechargeable AAA batteries + a fast charge micro-USB port.

What's in your refill plan?
We'll automatically deliver fresh supplies every 3 months with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Plus, you can cancel or switch anytime.


Toothpaste refill



Floss Pick Refill Pod



Floss String Refill Spool



Brush Head + AAA Battery refill


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You will receive a $20 charge every 3 months

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$20 Refills every 3 months

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Slim, lightweight, and incredibly smart

Our sleek All-Color collection (for adults and kids!) features timed sonic vibrations to guide good brushing, and a reusable mirror mount that doubles as a travel cover for on the go. Plus, we deliver brush head + battery refills to your door every 3 months for just $5. Smart!

2-minute timer, 30-second pulses

3-month battery life (no wires or charger)

Affordable brush heads delivered

Track, coach, & earn with the app

Earn amazing rewards as you track and coach your way to better oral health. quip’s Bluetooth® Smart Motor automatically stores your routine, no phone needed! To check your stats, points earned, and tips to improve, tap the app.

Bluetooth® Smart Motor (also sold separately)

Connect multiple brushes (for kids too!)

Track & coach better brushing habits

Free products, discounts, & more

Floss you’ll want to use

Got a thing for string, or prefer picks? We’ve got both in refillable dispensers that are just as affordable as other brands, and more eco-friendly.

American Dental Association accepted

Refillable to help reduce plastic waste

Floss String dispenser with pop-up top

Reusable Pick + mirrored dispensing case