Master the art of healthy habits with bold, beautiful oral care designed by Shantell Martin exclusively for quip.

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Shantell Martin Refillable Dispenser

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An artful twist on a classic quip.

What you get: Shantell Martin metal dispenser: One click pops out a piece.

Compatible with quip Gum and Mints – both sold separately.

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Shantell Martin Smart Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush detail
Smart Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Smart, sleek, sustainable — recharge & reward your routine.

Shantell Martin Mint Dispenser detail
Mints & Refillable Dispenser

Your confidence and oral health get a boost with vitamin D, zinc, and a burst of refreshing mint flavor.

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Master the art of oral care

Delight in design that pops

Shantell Martin transforms our classic oral care faves into masterpieces for your mouth! Swap your current dispenser for this Special Edition and stay connected to your inner artist wherever you go.

  • Unique design, refillable dispenser
  • Compatible with both Gum & Mints
  • Just the dispenser, refills sold separately

The Shantell Martin Collection

Growth is a practice, with benefits radiating outward. Whether that’s building better habits to improve your oral health or connecting design, choreography, and philosophy into something new, go ahead — see how far you take you.

  • Inspire consistency with artful oral care
  • Add a personal touch to your clean routine
  • Gift good habits to the art-lovers in your life

quip Exclusive

The Shantell Martin Collection

Oral care to inspire every part of you, from your mouth to your mind and beyond.