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Kids Glow in the Dark Electric Toothbrush

Rating 4.074235807860262 out of 5

A “glown-up” brush designed to help your mini-me build better habits.

What you get: Glowing plastic handle, small soft-bristle brush head. Timed sonic vibrations, 3-month battery life, & radiant travel cover, plus Watermelon Toothpaste.

How to get the best glow: For maximum brightness, expose your brush handle (and cover) to 10 mins of natural light or 20 mins of artificial light before brushing in the dark.

Every 3 months: Small brush head (+ free battery) refill.

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Color -  
Pink Supernova

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Large Watermelon Anticavity Toothpaste detail
Large Anticavity Toothpaste

Anticavity fluoride, xylitol, SLS-free. Helps prevent cavities. Vegan-friendly. New 100% recyclable tube + cap!

Original price was $7, discounted price is $0
All-White Plastic Refillable Floss String detail
Refillable Floss String

Refillable dispenser, retractable top, and preloaded, sliding mint string.

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Small White Brush Head + AAA Battery refill



Watermelon Toothpaste refill


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Oral care as bright as they are

Shine bright, brush right

Small teeth need a smaller brush head to get in every nook and cranny. Gentle, timed sonic vibrations provide an effective clean while fresh fluorescence adds a fun factor to daily (and nightly) oral care.

  • Smaller head to clean tight spaces
  • 2-minute timer with 30-second pulses
  • Soft round-tipped nylon bristles
  • American Dental Association accepted

Light the way to healthy teeth

Nothing says childhood like glowing stars on the ceiling – except, maybe, glow in the dark brushes! Brighten up your kiddos oral care routine while helping build good lifelong hygiene habits.

  • 2 shades, Pink Supernova + Green Stardust
  • Slim, easy-to-hold plastic glowing handle
  • Matching cover doubles as mirror mount
  • Turns bright with just a bit of sunlight!

Anticavity paste, tailored for kids' taste

Many kids don’t like the spicy tingle of mint, so we chose watermelon instead. Plus, fluoride to strengthen teeth, xylitol to help reduce oral bacteria, and a new 100% recyclable tube.

  • American Dental Association accepted
  • Helps prevent cavities, vegan, & SLS-free
  • 100% recyclable plastic tube
  • Kid-friendly watermelon flavor

Refill your radiant routine

Shop for one-time supplies or subscribe to a refill plan to get fresh brush heads, paste, floss, and more delivered every 3 months.

  • Automatic delivery to your door
  • Lifetime warranty with refill plan
  • Edit or cancel your plan anytime

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Reviews for our

Kids Toothbrush
Rating 4 out of 5

4.08 of 5 stars(229 reviews)

Rating 5 out of 5

Denise M


Verified quip user

Submitted Fri Feb 03 2023

Child’s toothbrush for me

Adult here. I use the child’s size toothbrush. I chose it after watching a dentist’s review of Quip. He recommended the smaller size. I have a smaller jaw/mouth and it’s perfect me.

Previous toothbrush:

Rating 5 out of 5



Verified quip user

Submitted Sun Mar 13 2022


When I was using a store bought toothbrush I would brush my teeth for not enough time. When I started using Quip I began brushing my teeth for the right amount of time which has helped my teeth. They feel cleaner than ever!!!!

Previous toothbrush:

Rating 5 out of 5

Fawn R


Verified quip user

Submitted Tue Jan 02 2024

Truly fantastic

My daughter used to hate brushing her teeth, it was always always a fight. Then we got this - she loves it, and brushes for the right time thanks to the built in timer that turns it off when you’re done. And the toothpaste is the first we’ve tried that isn’t either painfully minty or just awful. I accidentally tried it myself and actually considering ordering one of my own (she doesn’t want to share lol)

Previous toothbrush: