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Design dental

We founded quip to prove that good design has a bigger impact on oral health than quick fix gimmicks

A dentist's insight

Our journey began at a neighborhood dentist in New York, with a suggestion to use the “cheapest electric brush available” to fight the common, damaging habit of brushing too hard. Years of "innovation" had barely improved the humble toothbrush, and instead, overshadowed the far more harmful, habitual problems that still persist.

Brushing too hard, not long enough or twice a day, not flossing or replacing your brush, and skipping the dentist are often ignored issues. Yet they have a far bigger impact on oral health than a "Bluetooth ultra sonic" brush could ever have alone. So we fixed it.

A user-focused design

As designers, this challenge excited us. And we were uniquely positioned to solve these core problems with honest aim (not the bias of a boardroom or marketing team) using the product and user experience design skills we knew best.

We saw three main causes behind the problems: overly complex functionality, clunky products, and a total lack of services to cater to the modern lifestyle. So we made it our mission to create honest, accessible, and simple oral care products that helped focus on the habits that really matter.

A digital connection

After years of user research and design, the core components of quip came together. However, the only way for us to truly simplify and remove excess was to base quip online, cut out the middle-man, and bring the benefits we worked so hard for directly to you.

By doing this, we can improve every aspect of your experience, from design to delivery, and provide the best service at the best price, without compromise. We are quip — the modern bridge between you and your dentist, and this is just the beginning.

Our promise

Align with dental advice and put what’s best for your teeth before all else

Never stop improving our products and reduce our environmental impact

Strive to be available 24/7 and your one-stop-shop for oral health