NEW! Special Edition Shantell Martin Smart Rechargeable Brush & Metal Dispenser.

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The Shantell Martin Collection

Oral care to inspire every part of you, from your mouth to your mind and beyond.

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Meet the artist

Hailing from London, Shantell Martin connects fine art, education, design, philosophy, & technology with her signature black and white line work.

  • Globally-recognized and awarded, from UK to NYC
  • Explores themes of intersectionality, identity, and play
  • 2023 Honorary Fellow | Central Saint Martins College
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Take good care of you

Our exclusive collaboration celebrates healthy habits and great design as tools for personal growth and self-expression.

  • Shantell Martin Smart Rechargeable Brush
  • Shantell Martin Gum Starter Kit
  • Shantell Martin Brush & Mint Bundle
  • & more!
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“My health is crucial to fueling my creativity, but most everyday products can lack the design I enjoy being surrounded by. I hope this collection inspires people to live a happier, healthier, and more artistic life.”

— Shantell Martin


A gift for you. A gift for me. A gift for all.

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