1. Power

quip has sensitive sonic vibrations like other leading electric brushes to give a gentle clean. The sonic vibrations are set to one sensitive mode to encourage brushing more gently, as brushing too hard can be harmful.

Two-minute timer for full clean

30-second pulses for even clean

Quiet motor silent to others

No needless, misleading modes

No abrasive pressure on gums

No loud humming or buzzing

2. Charge

quip uses the same type of battery technology as other electric toothbrushes, but with the added freedom of allowing you to replace or recharge it.

Lasts 3 months per AAA/charge

Replacement AAA in refill pack

Use rechargeable AAA if preferred

No clunky charger or messy wires

No broken brush from battery wear

Never worry about losing power

3. Brush head

Our thoughtfully designed brush gently cleans tight spaces with dentist-recommended soft nylon, round tip bristles on a small, flexible head.

Small head reaches everywhere

Flexible neck is gentle on gums

Even bristles for an even clean

No medium or hard bristles

No unproven fads like charcoal

No angled bristles or uneven wear

4. Size

So slim and light that holding it for two minutes won’t feel like an eternity, and it will fit into your bag for wherever your mouth takes you.

2.6 ounces (under half an iPhone)

7.56" long (same as manual brush)

0.59 inches diameter

No heavy handle

No awkward bulk or shape

No need to clutter your counter

5. Storage and Travel

Unlike other brush cases that take up extra space, our multi-use cover is a slim way to mount, stand, and protect your quip at home or while away.

Suctions to glossy surfaces

Mounts and remounts anytime

Flip over bristles to go anywhere

Comes apart for regular cleaning

No more misplacing cases and covers

No extra bulk or wasted space

6. Price

By stripping away the stuff teeth don’t need and sticking to only the features they do, we made an affordable electric brush with brush heads that cost about the same as a manual brush over a lifetime.

Electric starter sets from $25

Includes optional Toothpaste

Includes multi-use cover mount

Refills only $5 each, shipped free

No costy gimmicks without gain

No middle man to increase cost

7. Refill

There’s a reason we’re the largest oral care subscription service. Fresh brush heads auto-delivered with dentist-friendly timing.

Only $5 every 3 months

Free shipping worldwide

Optional toothpaste for $5 more

Free battery (or use rechargeable)

No more worn, ineffective bristles

No pricy shipping fees or ripoffs

8. Reviews

Liking the thing you use twice every day is important, and hundreds of thousands of happy brushers agree :)

GQ: "Best Electric Toothbrush"

TIME: "Best Inventions of the year"

4.35 stars on Influenster

Loved & shared on social (#getquip)

84% of users are likely to gift quip

9. Dental professional support

No more “9 out of 10 dentists approve” claims. We’re backed by tens of thousands of dental professionals and students.

Growing network of over 20,000

Full-time dentists on staff at quip

Connect with your dentist online

Get auto check-up reminders

Rewards for visiting on time

10. ADA Seal of Acceptance

quip is the first subscription electric toothbrush ever accepted by the American Dental Association. Here’s what it means:

Proven to help remove plaque

Helps prevent & reduce gingivitis

ADA-recommended soft bristles

Safe and effective for oral care

Good manufacturing processes

11. Lifetime warranty and Support

Our team is online 7 days a week and every quip on a refill plan is covered for life. Because we care about your mouth as much as you do.

Dedicated support team

Return within 30 days for refund

Covered for the life of your plan

No short or complex warranties

No jumping through hoops for help

Brush better. From $25

Try quip now