We hired two full-time dentists. Here’s why

Two dentists just joined our team full-time. But, don’t worry, we’re not going to put them on camera while wearing scrubs and holding quip with a cheesy graphic next to their head exclaiming: “9/10 Dentist Recommend quip.” Instead, our newly-formed dental team will contribute their pro-tip knowledge to advance our mission of better mouth health habits for everyone.

Meet Dr. Hariawala, our Dental Community Manager.

When you’re a dentist who has been to 31 countries (and counting!), the travel-readiness of your toothbrush is of the utmost importance… but that’s not why Dr. Mitali Hariawala decided to join the quip team full-time.

Impact has always been central to Dr. Hariawala’s work, having served as a dentist at the South End Community Health Center (SECHC) in Boston before recently starting as our Dental Community Manager. At SECHC, Dr. Hariawala came to realize the extent to which oral care education was needed while providing care to low-income patients.

“There was no education. Some of these people were coming to the dentist for the first time in 30 years... When it comes to medicine, oral care is very neglected.”

At quip, Dr. Hariawala hopes to expand the reach of her impact by focusing on engaging our fast growing professional network while contributing to all-things oral health education on our social media, blog, monthly newsletter and website.

“Ultimately as a dentist, I want to better people’s oral care. This is a way for me to do that on a greater scale.”

She’ll also help identify the areas where quip can help people in need of oral care assistance who are outside of the quip community.

We’re more than excited to bring this bright dental mind (with bright teeth!) on board. So excited, in fact, that we’ll be livestreaming a Q(uip)+A with Dr. Hariawala on soon!To simplify it, wisdom teeth are really far back teeth in your mouth. They’re technically your third molars, ...

Meet Dr. Krell, our Director of Dental.

Combine a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, a Masters in Business Administration and years of start-up experience with a penchant for pugs, and you’ll get Dr. Jeremy Krell. He believes we have a “disjointed healthcare system in the current state of the world,” and will work to forge stronger relationships between our company, users, professionals and providers to close this tooth gap.

He’ll also help infuse the quip ethos of prevention over emergency relief into the industry.

“Dentists like to save teeth, but they do so by acting when the patient is in a semi-dire situation to save that tooth. Instead, it really should be how do I prevent the disease process from starting in the first place.”

With Dr. Krell helping guide our bristles, we’re ready to expand the value of our reach to enhance preventative oral care for everyone.

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