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Have bad breath?
Here’s how to help!

08/10/16 | Dr. Plotnick | Grand Street Dental

We’ve all had moments when we felt like we had to chew some gum before an interview or pop a mint after eating something smelly. But have you ever felt like you have chronically bad breath? The solutions are simpler than you might expect, so instead of making things worse by using high-strength mouthwash, here are some simple tips and tricks that help fight bad breath for the long term, and in the right way!

Tip 1: Brush and floss after eating

Tip 1

Brush and floss after eating
Plaque and tartar are the leading causes of bad breath, and the only way to get rid of it is to brush regularly, floss daily and visit your dentist at least twice yearly for professional cleanings. Consider owning an electric toothbrush, like quip, that is small enough to take with you to the office each day, helping encourage that after-lunch refresh! For those of you that struggle to keep plaque at bay, despite a great brushing routine, consider upping your visits to 3 or 4 times a year. Not a believer in flossing? Next time you floss, SMELL it! I promise you’ll never question the value of flossing again!
Tip 2: Eat celery, carrots and apples!

Tip 2

Eat celery, carrots and apples!
Snacking on foods like apples, celery and carrots can also help clean away loose food debris giving your teeth a crisper, clean feeling. Not only are these snacks great for your body, but their fibrous skins can act like a toothbrush and help reduce staining and plaque buildup!
Tip 3: Use a tongue scraper

Tip 3

Use a tongue scraper
Using a tongue scraper to scrape away gunk can also help keep bad-breath germs at bay. Many toothbrushes, quip included, come with a tongue-scrubbing feature on the back of their brush heads. Start from the back of your tongue and scrape towards the front, and you’ll be amazed at what you clean off! I personally prefer to do this first thing in the morning before I brush, allowing the toothpaste to settle its minty scent onto a nice clean surface!
Tip 4: Butt Out

Tip 4

Butt Out
Along with causing a host of other health problems, smoking is also awful for your teeth, gums and breath! Quitting is achievable, and there is an ever growing number of resources, alternatives and quitting aids out there to help!
Tip 5: Medications

Tip 5

Dry mouth is a leading cause of bad breath, and a huge reason people suffer from dry mouth is because of prescription medication use. Talk to your doctor about your dry mouth and see if an alternative medicine can be used instead. If not, try products like Biotene or GC Dry Mouth Gel to help boost saliva flow.
Tip 6: Water (not mouthwash!)

Tip 6

Water (not mouthwash!)
A common misconception is that mouthwash will help freshen your breath, when the truth is, it actually throws off your mouths natural PH balance and dries your mouth out further, making your bad breath problems even worse! So an easy and healthy path to fresher breath is to drink a lot of water! This will keep your mouth from getting dry and promote your saliva to regulate bacteria! Fill up a large BPA free water container and take it to work with you each day!

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