6 Ways To Reuse Your Brush Head Refill Packaging

Those little tubes your brush heads are packaged in? They ensure hygienic freshness and are the best kept Pinterest DIY secret. If you’re feelin’ crafty, here are some ways you can breathe new life into your refill tubes… if you haven’t recycled them yet.


Make a terrarium.

One of our fave interns made this terrarium with his quip electric toothbrush packaging, but the same can be done with your refill tubes. The plant is self-sustaining, as the “dome” allows water to build up through condensation. Ideal for people with not-so-green-thumbs but okay crafting skills. Just add a layer of small pebbles and soil with the plant of your choice, mist with water, and twist the cap back on. Your plant shouldn’t need watering for up to a month at a time (and sometimes even longer). Wait, I think we might have just solved sustaining the human colonization of Mars?


Hold your pins and needles

A quipster named Sara posted how she reuses her refill tubes on Instagram — to hold things like bobby pins. “Hopefully now, I’ll never lose my bobby pins because they keep them nice and safe,” she said. How inventive we said!


Finger puppets

They carried your fresh brush head, why not make your refill tubes into a literal head? We made this true masterpiece of a finger puppet in our office, but we’re sure your little siblings, children or probably newborn could do a better job.


Tiny vases

Flowers will flourish in your refill tubes when you use them as tiny vases. Find a cute holder to put them in, and watch your plants grow like your house is a botanist lab — and be sure to add “water plants” to your daily routine.


Travel liquid containers

Does your favorite hair product only come in "super size"? No problem, squeeze your essentials into one of our liquid tight refill tubes for the perfect personal care, TSA friendly, travel containers.


Make a snow globe

When bells are ringing and children are singing, your refill tube snow globe will deliver the quipmas and vibes. Learn how to make a snow globe (just replace the jar with your refill tube!) and get (way) ahead of your holiday prep!

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