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Answer a few questions and snap photos of your mouth so a dental pro can assess if you’re a good candidate for quip Aligners.

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Frequently asked questions

This is how a dental professional determines if you are a good candidate for quip Aligners ahead of booking an in-person visit. The best part? It saves you time and effort since you only need a smartphone to get started from home.

Typically 72 hours or less! To help speed things up, take your time when photographing your teeth. It’s important that each photo be clear, well-lit, and closely match the examples we provide.

100%! Based on your answers and photos, a dental pro will determine if quip Aligners are right for you. If approved, you’ll need to schedule an in-person appointment with a quip Partner Practice for records and a scan that will be reviewed by your dedicated orthodontist.

Absolutely! The dental pro working on your plan and estimate are the only ones who can access your submitted details and photos.

Sure thing! Here are 5 tips to help you snap high-quality pics:

    1. Practice = perfect! Pose with a mirror beforehand
    1. Take your time (don’t rush!) to get the right shot
    1. Find your brightest space or a direct light source
    1. Use burst mode to take multiple shots at a time
    1. Got a friend? Get an extra set of hands to help!