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Virtual assessment

Snap a few pics from home to find out if you’re a good candidate for quip Aligners.

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Instantly book online to get a 3D scan and panoramic x-rays, no-commitment needed.

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Your orthodontist will share a custom plan, price, and first look at your future smile.

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We’ll ship everything you need straight to your door — no extra office visit needed.

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Scan your teeth with our easy-to-use app and share with your orthodontist for review.

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Keep your teeth from slipping back into their old ways — trust us, it happens.

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quip Aligners combines the best of all worlds; an in-person records appointment helps ensure the highest quality of care, while remote monitoring with your dedicated orthodontist helps to save you money and time. We like to call that a grin-grin!

Your first step when getting started with quip Aligners, is submitting a virtual assessment. A dental professional will then assess if Aligners are right for you. Next, you’ll be paired with a local orthodontist for an in-person 3D scan, exam, & records for a custom plan. There’s no commitment until you decide to move forward with your aligners!

quip Aligners are currently available with select providers in NYC. Your treatment will include a customized set of quip Aligners, Dental Monitoring gear (i.e. Scanbox and Cheek Retractor), and after-treatment retainers. To keep your teeth healthy along the way, you'll also get a free personal care kit with a quip Smart Electric Toothbrush (or smart motor upgrade for your existing quip), Large Anticavity Toothpaste, and Refillable Floss String.

The American Dental Association strongly discourages DIY orthodontics, so we do require you to visit a provider in-office. Visiting a professional helps ensure that your teeth are properly scanned, your mouth checked, and your aligners well-fitted for the most effective and fast treatment — no hidden oral health issues or guesswork that can cause painful problems in the future. After your scan and then fitting, treatment is completely remote via the app with optional visits if needed or if a problem arises.

quip Aligners start at just $99 a month and $0 down payment with financing based on your credit. For the best deal, you can pay your provider as little as $1,999 all-in. If you prefer, you also have the option to finance through low monthly payments to spread the costs over time. If your current insurance includes an out-of-network orthodontics benefit, you can apply it to your quip Aligners treatment.

We’ll share your estimated cost before you start treatment so there are no surprises — the price you see online is exactly what you can expect to pay our provider in person. quip Aligners have no booking fee or extra costs. If you choose to finance the cost of treatment, your monthly minimum and dollars down will need to be confirmed based on your credit.

As quip Aligners are an orthodontic treatment and not a product, we are not able to process a refund after you have committed to a treatment plan.

We believe better oral health should be easy, from your everyday brushing, to visiting the dentist every six months. Inspired by healthy habits and good design, quipcare is an all-in-one platform ​to access simple, affordable, (and dare we say) delightful dental care.

Like our Refill Plans, quipcare features a pay-as-you-go model that gives you the flexibility to book and pay for care as needed. You’ll get access to lower rates that we negotiate and save on services when you’re paying out of pocket.

We price services upfront so you never have to second guess what you are paying for. We’ve done our research on third party pricing data from millions of regional visits each year to determine the average regional prices for services regularly covered by commercial insurance, then price our preventative care provider fees at 40% off regional providers’ average charges and treatments and regularly covered restorative care at 30% off.

Just like your daily brushing, routine check-ups help prevent painful problems and expensive procedures. We offer perks, like free refill credits, to encourage the healthy habit of completing your 6-month routine checkup and reward you when you book and complete other care appointments.

We’re proud to work with trusted, high-quality providers near your home and office so you can enjoy comfortable, high-quality care without the toothaches. From comprehensive checkups to dental implants, getting the care you need is easier than ever.

You can book, pay, and track visits all on our free app. Visit your home page to book an appointment, then choose your service to find a provider near you.