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Introducing quip Aligners. Join our professional network to gain new patients and more production.

Clear aligners that keep dental pros front & center

quip Aligners patients receive records appointments at local dental practices. Sign up to receive new patients and get paid for taking records!

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Services you'll provide

Records appointments for patients include:

  • Digital scan
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Orthodontic intraoral photos
  • Limited oral heath/treatment eligibility evaluation

Benefits you'll love

  • Welcome new patients to your practice
  • Earn $250 for each records appointment
  • Extra revenue for patients who choose additional treatment from you

Frequently asked questions

To get started, contact us to join our network of quip Aligner Partner Practices. Once we verify your practice, our support team will onboard you to the quip Aligners service.

quip Aligners are currently available on an invite-only basis in select markets. Contact us to become one of the practices we send patients to in your area!

Since 2015, quip has grown from an award-winning electric toothbrush brand to a holistic oral health company partnering with thousands of dental providers across the country, and caring for more than 5 millions mouths.