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Simple, professional aligners from as low as $89 per month

Pay less for clear aligners that combine convenient at-home orthodontic treatment with in-office care.

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Align on your time, at home or anywhere

Virtual check-ins

Your orthodontist tracks your teeth movement via app

Faster treatment

In many cases, frequent remote check-ins can speed up your results

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Less time in-office lets us cut costs and save you $$$

Get professional guidance at every step

Covers most case types

quip Aligners can treat most types of bites, unlike DIY at-home brands

Ensures better outcomes

Professional scan, plan, & ongoing monitoring for safe, high-quality results

Offers best-in-class tech

3D scan + panoramic x-rays = perfect fit for your professional grade aligners

Clearly a better aligner service

Satisfied Smile Guarantee
No-cost virtual assessment by a dentist
Orthodontist-guided for better outcomes
Scan, panoramic x-rays, limited eval
Convenient remote check-ins by app
24/7 access to your orthodontist
In-person visits only when needed
Clear, upfront treatment cost
Aligners ship free directly to you







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Frequently asked questions

quip Aligners are the perfect combo of professional and at-home treatment. By working with dental professionals for an in-office scan and having orthodontists oversee your treatment from day one to end, you can be confident in the quality, fit, safety, and comfort of your aligners. For added convenience, you’ll complete treatment via app with your dedicated orthodontist. It’s a grin-grin that saves you time and money.

Yes, and here’s why. In addition to the American Dental Association strongly discouraging DIY orthodontics, visiting a professional helps ensure that your teeth are properly scanned, your mouth checked, and your aligners well-fitted for most effective and fast treatment — no DIY impressions, hidden oral health issues, or guesswork that can cause painful problems in the future. After your scan and fit, treatment is completely remote via app with optional visits if needed or if a problem arises.

quip Aligners typically take 4 weeks to arrive at your door, after your in-person appointment. Find out if you might be a candidate by getting started here.

By answering a few questions online and sending us a few photos of your mouth, we’ll pair you with a dental pro to evaluate whether you’re a good candidate for quip Aligners. Get started here

If you’re a potential candidate for quip Aligners, you’ll schedule an in-person visit with a local dental professional in our network who will take x-rays, images, a 3D scan of your mouth to assess your health for orthodontic treatment. The pro will then send those files to your dedicated orthodontist who will review your case and build a comprehensive plan for your orthodontic treatment.

Nope. Your quip Aligners cover all your visits, including the consultation and records. If you require extra care and choose to get additional procedures at a dental practice, those costs and services should be discussed between the practice and patient directly.