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Simple, affordable, professional aligners

Pay less for clear aligners that combine at-home convenience with professional in-office care.

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Align on your time, at home or anywhere

Virtual check-ins

Your orthodontist tracks your teeth movement via app

Faster treatment

In many cases, frequent remote check-ins can speed up your results

More affordable

Less time in-office lets us cut costs and save you $$$

Visit a pro IRL only when it matters the most

Covers all types of bites

We treat Level 1, 2, & 3 aligner cases, unlike direct-to-home only brands

Ensures better outcomes

Professional scan, plan, & ongoing monitoring for safe, high-quality results

Offers best-in-class tech

3D scan ensures a safe, perfect fit for your professional grade aligners

Clearly a better aligner service

Online photo evaluation
Professional in-person scan
Remote monitoring
Level 1, 2, & 3 case types



In-office only




Plus, get a personal care kit

Everything you need to care for your mouth and aligners, including:

Basic quip Aligner & Retainer Case

Premium quip Aligner Case coming soon

Easy-to-use remote monitoring gear + app

Smart Brush or motor upgrade, Floss & Paste

First set of removeable quip Retainers

Meet our handpicked pros at a practice near you

In your neighborhood

Get to know and trust the local professionals giving your teeth TLC

Just a tap away

Book, track, and pay for treatment with your doctor online or in-person

Discounted dental, too!

Access low-cost checkups, cleanings, & more at participating providers

Start your online photo evaluation commitment-free!

Answer a few questions, show us your teeth, then get an estimated price & plan in 72 hours or less.

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