Mirror mount tips and tricks

The quip brush is our main attraction, but to get the most out of your experience, make sure you’re acquainted with its dynamic, dual-purpose sidekick: the mirror mount. Read on to learn about this important tool, and if you carefully follow these tips, you’ll be awarded* a PhD in Mirror Mount Maintenance! (*not actually true)

What is this magic strip?!

What’s this mysterious tape on my mirror mount, and how can it be used over and over again without losing its stickiness? The mirror mount uses a magical material called micro suction tape! It is an acrylic sheet perforated with thousands of microscopic holes that work like tiny suction cups (it’s not actually magic, sorry 😞). When the tape is wet or dirty, the holes can get plugged up and it will lose its effectiveness. Luckily, it’s a breeze to clean and dry, and once you do so it will be back in action with 100% sticking power.

Where can you stick it?

The suction strip will only adhere to perfectly flat/shiny/glossy mirror and glass. It will also work on some tiling, but only if guaranteed to be 100% smooth and without surface variance. Like any suction based (or even sticky based) system, the surfaces you are attaching to must be 100% grime free (which can be tough to see by eye!), completely dry and not be heated! When used correctly, the cover will stick without a worry, but we can't account for every home environment. So we do recommend you try not to stick it too high above an uninterrupted drop onto a hard surface. Keeping your quip fastened to the mirror above your sink ensures that it is easily accessible, safe, and looking instagram-able (hint, hint)

How do you clean the strip?

If rarely removing your mount from your mirror, it will quite easily last a lifetime - but if you are removing it regularly (especially if you travel with it), the suction strip can collect lint. The most effective way to clean the strip is by using a piece of scotch tape like a tiny lint roller to remove any debris! For tougher jobs, a bit of soap and water should do the trick. Make sure to let the micro suction strip dry for a full 24 hours before attempting to re-stick it!

How do you use it for travel?

We highly recommend getting acquainted with the mirror mount’s alter ego - the travel cover! Simply insert your brush head first, with the bristles facing the “quip” logo. The brush will be gently held in place, and presto! You’re ready to travel in style with your quip safely in tow. You can read more tips about traveling with your quip here.

How do you clean the cover?

Cleaning the inside of the mirror mount is easy! Simply pop out the bottom cap using the lip on the back and sanitize away. You can pop the bottom cap right back in as seen in this video. Please note that some newer models use a quarter turn twist-out cap that can be removed and put back in place with a penny or other small coin. Simple

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