Paul Lawrence: Social Media Superhero!

Social media can be as tough as it is rewarding! Oral care is a world of misconception and misunderstanding, which can lead to passionate exchanges! So nothing perks up our Social team more than our “social media superheroes” answering questions for us and sharing their love of quip! No one has been doing this for as long as, or with such passion as, Paul Lawrence! We wanted to get to know Paul a little better, and we hope you enjoy getting to know him too!

Hi Paul! Tell us about yourself?

Paul: Hi! I’m Paul Lawrence and I live in Staten Island, New York with my wife Lisa and four daughters, Lesley-Ann, Ashley, Heather, and Jillian

Four daughters! Wow, that's a lot of quip refill packs!

Paul: It sure is!!

What do you like doing in your free time, Paul?

Paul:I love spending time with my wife and 4 daughters as well as reading and collecting superhero comic books and vintage memorabilia. I also enjoy following the New York Yankees during baseball season (go Jeter!!)

You have actually become a bit of a superhero on our social media boards, who are your favorite superheroes?!

Paul: Batman and Spiderman! I collect their comic books – Batman has the best stories overall, but my favorite comic book is an Amazing Spider-Man issue 1 signed by creator and comic book god, Stan Lee!

Oh wow, so you’re a legit collector! Any favorites?

Paul: You could say that; it’s hard to pinpoint any one favorite vintage memorabilia, but I appreciate anything 80’s related – whether it’s toys, cards, books, candy containers, etc.

So, all this talk of superheroes, we would be remiss if we didn’t ask – what superpower would you most like to have?

Paul: I would love to have the superpower of healing. I would love to be able to heal anyone or anything.

On the note of healing and health, why did you get quip?

Paul: Prior to quip, I mainly used other companies electric toothbrushes. I didn't really care for them. They are extremely bulky and costly. I switched to quip because I love how sleek and modern it looks. I really enjoy using the timer feature, it helps to make sure I am always brushing correctly!

Last question – describe your perfect quip handle

Paul:I would love a Batman quip handle!

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