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quip+ Membership

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Treat your teeth like a VIP with $30+ in savings a year

What you get: One year of savings and benefits, including:

  • Free US refill shipping - $2 off auto-shipping every 90 days

  • 10% off refills - Save on every shipment item every 90 days

  • $15 quip cash - Cha-ching! Free or discounted products

  • Free US store shipping - One-time $10 basic shipping coupon

Every year: Love quip+? We’ll auto-renew your perks and membership!

*Heads up: quip+ Memberships are non-refundable and charged annually

quip+ Membership
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Free shipping today

You will receive a $20 charge every 1 year. Tax & shipping not included.
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Every 1 year

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quip+, quip plus, membership, beat

Say goodbye to automatic shipping fees. As a VIP, you’re covered all year.

+ Save on auto-refills, no delivery fees!

+ Unlock $8 savings (4 total shipments)

+ Auto-applied once every 90 days

quip+, quip plus, membership, beat, 10% refill discount

Refresh for less! The more refills you subscribe to, the more you’ll save.

+ Get discounted brush heads & more

+ Save on single or multiple refill items

+ Auto-applied once every 90 days

quip+, quip plus, membership, beat

Free money? Abso-tooth-ly! Try new innovations or stock up on faves.

+ Get free or discounted items on us!

+ Expand your routine (Gum & more)

+ Add a fresh color to your collection

quip+, quip plus, membership, beat

Shopping in between refill cycles? Checkout without worry (or shipping fees).

+ Get a yearly $10 coupon (basic US only)

+ Great for gifts, one-time purchases

+ Save on replacement items, like travel

Frequently asked questions

quip+ is an annual membership plan that includes $30+ savings a year with benefits like free shipping, refill discounts, and quip cash.

Your quip+ Membership will be charged annually as a one-time payment. Unless you cancel your membership, it will auto-renew one year from your start date.

No, quip+ Memberships are non-refundable. After joining quip+, you’ll have one year to enjoy your prepaid benefits and the option to cancel your membership before it auto-renews.

Store coupons can be used right away, while refill benefits are timed to your next auto-refill shipment:

  • Instant benefits: One-time quip cash and free store shipping coupon codes will be emailed to you as soon as your quip+ Membership is processed.
  • Quarterly benefits: Free refill shipping (US only) and refill discounts will be auto-applied to your next auto-shipment, then every 90 days for the year (4 shipments total). That means your benefits could be used soon or up to 90 days after you join quip+ depending on your refill schedule.