//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/5rzn8L5LzvhCeeb0VNxYnU/c533a4df83d1211915ad8a11f33ef63e/quip_store_render_starter-set-gum-white_2700x2700_ICON-UPDATE.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/5rzn8L5LzvhCeeb0VNxYnU/c533a4df83d1211915ad8a11f33ef63e/quip_store_render_starter-set-gum-white_2700x2700_ICON-UPDATE.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/5dGvq4EdNKx4cMCcgx5QVK/9b78c45ff1d9184abc4d9298dbeb95bc/Bodega-Store-Product_PDP-Video-Thumbnail_180x180.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/1tg6rMrBBiBOSbEkh9uo4u/03e38f2b0e1fe3149af64cd9798e9666/Bodega-Store-Product_PDP-Large-Carousel_Gum_1_480x515.gif lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/f2ELf5pEwMNApwWDfVaTh/478592bbdaf53de7c01422ef2b59fd28/Bodega-Store-Product_PDP-Large-Carousel_Gum_3_480x515.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/1ZCvsE1Ybd9ynuWzVGL8jR/9db0ec5e9ffdbe888131f7f1742d0735/Bodega-Store-Product_PDP-Large-Carousel_Gum_2_480x515.jpg lifestyle
//images.ctfassets.net/2tdscsybkbx7/7BTofz4h0jyz5EL5ZSCG2y/5b87056ec6717a41083dff75917657a9/Bodega-Store-Product_PDP-Large-Carousel_Gum_4_480x515.jpg lifestyle

Gum Starter Kit

Rating 4.16412213740458 out of 5

Gum that’s good for you, fun to chew, and easy to share.

What you get: Mint Gum Refill (30 pieces) - Helps prevent cavities, freshens breath, sugar-free with tooth-friendly xylitol. Refillable dispenser - One click pops out your gum.

Every 3 months: Mint Gum Refill. Auto-shipping and lifetime warranty on dispenser.

For ages 5+. Adult supervision advised for under 8.

Customize your Gum Dispenser
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NEW Mints, starting at $5! Confidently fresh breath, plus vitamin D to help support oral health.

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Green electric toothbrush detail
Electric Toothbrush

Slim, lightweight, and looks great. Plus, timed sonic vibrations to brush better.

Large Mint Anticavity Toothpaste detail
Large Anticavity Toothpaste

Anticavity fluoride, xylitol, SLS-free. Helps prevent cavities. Vegan-friendly. New 100% recyclable tube + cap!

White Plastic Refillable Mouthwash detail
Mouthwash Dispenser

Refillable dispenser. 2 Mint Anticavity Fluoride Refill Bottles (90 doses). Alcohol-free 4x concentrate. Helps strengthen teeth.

Gray refresh bag detail
Refresh Bag

Bring good habits everywhere you go with our modern take on the toiletry kit. Collapses flat. Expands to pack plenty.

What's in your refill plan?
We'll automatically deliver fresh supplies every 3 months with a lifetime warranty. Plus, you can cancel or switch anytime.


30-Piece Gum (3 Packs) refill


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Press. Dispense. Chew your
way to better oral health.

Slick, one-click dispensers that pack a pop

Our slim dispenser (in 5 collectible colors!) packs and protects up to 10 pieces of gum — no more smashed chiclets or gum sticks. It’s easy to fill, satisfying to dispense, and fits in any purse or pocket for on the go. Just press the “q” to pop a piece, and chew your heart out.

Refillable, travel-ready dispenser

Push a button, pop out your gum

Safely stores 10 gum pieces

Good, clean gum your mouth will love

Chew on this: Gum that helps freshen breath and prevent cavities in between brushings! Each sugar-free piece has tooth-friendly xylitol to up your oral health. Bonus points? Our crunchy, tri-layer design, embossed with the classic quip tongue.

Helps prevent cavities

Long-lasting mint flavor


American Dental Association-Accepted

Easy to share and incredibly fun

Be the friend who always shares, and make a show of it! One click of a quick-release button does the trick, and delivers tasty gum into your hand (or a friend’s) faster than you can say fresh. It’s the perfect clean up after a bite or cuppa joe — no wrappers or extra handling.

Hygienic & hands-free

Share at the speed of light

Refresh & impress friends

Fresh refills delivered — chew more, save more

Whether you’re a sporadic chewer or gung ho for gum, we’ve got you covered! Customize your refills with 9, 18, or 27 individually wrapped gum packs (each with 10 pcs), delivered in a recyclable paper box and stay-fresh foil bag. Auto-shipping, plus added savings when you buy in bulk :)

Refills delivered, auto-shipping

Lifetime dispenser warranty on refill plan

Extra savings with every pack

Reviews for our

Refillable Dispenser
Rating 4 out of 5

4.17 of 5 stars(262 reviews)

Rating 5 out of 5

Holly S

Verified quip user

Submitted Mon Jun 28 2021

Great little gadget and tasty gum

Love this little dispenser, and the gum is surprisingly tasty and long-lasting. A little awkward on the refill, but overall I like the quality and design.

Previous toothbrush:

Rating 5 out of 5

Victor B


Verified quip user

Submitted Wed May 19 2021

PEZ like dispenser for him!

Nice design for a gum dispenser, definitely a play on the "PEZ" dispenser, but with a metal casing. Well built, easy to operate.

Previous toothbrush:

Rating 5 out of 5

Karen H


Verified quip user

Submitted Wed May 31 2023

Easy to maintain dental health

I love my Quip. It makes 2 minutes go by fast. I love the 15 second pause to let me know when to go on to the next quadrant. It kind of makes brushing fun. I also got the gum dispenser. It’s so convenient and the mint flavor is great. The only thing I don’t like about the gum is that it sticks to my teeth. The toothpaste also is great and I really like the subscription plan. This saves me time and gas! Thank you!

Previous toothbrush:

Frequently asked questions

At only 3.8 x 1.2 x 1.1 inches, you can pack your gum dispenser just about everywhere, including a pocket, purse, or bag. It’s also feather light at about 35g (40g for a metal dispenser), so it won’t weigh you down on the go.

Pinch and pull the white top to remove a drawer from the dispenser. Unwrap a gum pack, and carefully remove the inner sleeve, gum facing up. Slide the gum pack sleeve around the drawer (the pieces should stack neatly), then slide the drawer back into the dispenser until you hear it click in place. Press the ‘q” button to release a piece and enjoy!

Long-lasting mint flavor with a crunchy, tri-layer design that keeps your mouth fresh and cool for your entire chewing experience.

Chewing quip Gum for 20 minutes after eating stimulates saliva flow, which can help prevent cavities by reducing acids and making teeth more resistant to decay. Plus, each piece is sugar-free for a guilt-free refresh.

For maximum freshness, store your quip Gum in a cool, dry place (like the foil refill bag in which they’re shipped). Each individual Gum Pack is also sealed in a protective wrap that you should only open once you’re ready to fill your dispenser and enjoy a chew.

Our gum and dispenser are for ages 5+, with adult supervision advised for kiddos under 8. The gum pieces can be a choking hazard, so it's important for chewers of any age to always dispense the gum into an open hand. Do not dispense directly into your mouth.

Gum-believable and actually good for you