One of the first electric brushes approved by the American Dental Association
What does this mean?
The American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance is designed to help consumers make informed decisions and dental professionals make informed recommendations about the safety and efficacy of consumer products and we are delighted to announce that the quip electric toothbrush is one of the first brushes to be awarded the Power toothbrush seal! This seal shows that quip...

○ Helps remove plaque
○ Helps prevent and reduce gingivitis
○ Uses good manufacturing processes
○ The components of the toothbrush are safe for use in the mouth
○ The Bristles are free of sharp or jagged edges and endpoints
○ The bristle stiffness value is less than or equal to 6 (ie "soft")
○ The tufts of bristles are retained under force
○ Electrical safety tests have been conducted
○ Can be employed under unsupervised conditions by the average person to provide a pooled average reduction in gingivitis of no less than 10% (using the Modified Gingival Index) or 15% (using the Löe and Silness Gingival Index) and a statistically significant reduction in plaque when compared to baseline.
Hi, we're quip

We design and deliver simple ways to guide patient compliance

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Our approach
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Small steps that make a big difference

We agree a healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body, and are as frustrated as you at how many fail at the simple steps of a basic preventative routine. we launched quip to focus back on these basics.

Our story
Our mission

We deliver products, advice and services that guide good habits for life

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Educates technique

Marketing myths drown out your professional advice, so we partner with you to translate what matters into engaging tips that help guide your patient's technique. Both before purchase and throughout their lifetime on quip!

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Elevates routine

Forcing a regular routine doesn't work. So we strip away the gimmicks, to focus only on the features that matter, helping us design streamlined products that blend in with your patients lifestyle, and inspire them to brush more often, in more places!

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Automates upkeep

Refreshing brush heads and visiting the dentist regularly are two of the most important yet commonly skipped part of an oral care routine. So we send fresh brush heads automatically every 3 months and connect you to patients on our platform to help remind and reward them for timely checkups every 6!

What patients get

Simple, enjoyable, rewarding

Electric toothbrush sets from $25
Refilled every 3 months from $5

Elevates routine
• Plastic ($25) or metal ($40) handle
• Dual-use wall mount / travel cover
• Optional home toothpaste

Improves technique
• Vibrations to help better brushing
• 2 minute timer, 30 second pulses
• Soft bristles refreshed when worn

Simplifies upkeep
• Refill plan options ship free for life!
• Lifetime guarantee*/30 day returns

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silver quip set with toothpaste
Refilled every 3 months from $5

• Head plan | $5
• Head+Paste plan | $10
• Ships free every 3 months
• Refills ship free worldwide
• Brush guaranteed for life
• Can cancel anytime

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From the blog

Love for quip

"It refines the oral care experience, reinforcing the fundamentals to give a more wholesome clean. I'll be adding quip to my routine."

Dr. Hershkowitz

Dental reviews

"I actually didn't think it would replace my Ultrasonic. But after using it for the last two weeks I'm definitely making the switch."

Barton, NY

Member reviews

"Rarely do we get a device so remarkably simple, clever, and practical that we can’t help but admire how damn well it works!"

Men's Fitness

Press reviews

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