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Smart Kids Starter Set

Reward good brushing habits, and help kids keep improving.

What you get: Smart Kids Electric Toothbrush (Earn rewards, track & improve kids’ brushing with the quip® app), Timed sonic vibrations, Replaceable battery (3-month charge), Cover, Watermelon Anticavity Toothpaste. For ages 3+. Adult supervision for under 8. 

Every 3 months: Small brush head (+ free battery), toothpaste refills delivered for $5 each.


Customize your set

Color - 
All-Yellow rubber
Kids Smart All-Yellow Rubber Electric Toothbrush bundle image
Kids Smart All-Yellow Rubber Electric Toothbrush
Large watermelon toothpaste bundle image
Large watermelon toothpaste
What's in your refill plan?
We'll automatically deliver fresh supplies every 3 months with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Plus, you can cancel or switch anytime.


Brush head + AAA battery refill



Toothpaste refill


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Free shipping

You will receive a $10 charge every 3 months

$10 shipping

You will not receive refills from one-time purchases
Your plan:

Refill every 3 months

You pay today:

Simple, smart, & specially designed for kids

All-Yellow has a sized-down brush head for small mouths, rubber grip for better control, and timed sonic vibrations to guide good brushing. The matching mirror mount doubles as a travel cover. Plus, we deliver small brush head + battery refills every 3 months for just $5. Smart!

Smaller brush head, rubber grip

2-minute timer, 30-second pulses

3-month battery life (no wires or charger)

Track kids’ brushing with the free quip® app

Our iOS app (coming to Android this fall) is designed for ages 13+ and adults. Pair one or more brushes, then you’re all set. quip’s Bluetooth® Smart Motor will automatically store every routine, no phone needed! To check your kids’ brushing stats and the points they’ve earned, tap the app.

Pair multiple brushes in one app, adults too!

Automatic tracking (no phone needed)

Keep kids on track for better oral health

Improve oral health with coaching & tips

The good habit dashboard shows you when and how well your little one brushes, with deep dives into the duration, coverage, brush strokes, and intensity of each routine. Want to help kids brush better? Coach ‘em to a gentle, effective 2-minute clean with tips and reminders.

Brush time, duration, coverage, strokes, intensity

Tailored tips & content for healthy habits

Weekly trends track ongoing progress

Earn rewards for all those good habits

Dentists say to brush 2 minutes, twice a day, so we award points for doing it right. Kids up for a challenge? They’ll earn bonuses for never missing a beat! Redeem points for amazing rewards (from quip and our growing list of partners), like free products, discounts, and more.

Daily points for 2 minutes, 2x a day

Bonuses for challenges like streaks!

Rewards from quip & partners

Toothpaste for picky taste buds

The ingredients kids need (and none they don’t). Anticavity fluoride to strengthen teeth, and xylitol to help reduce oral bacteria. Lasts 3 months when using a pea-sized dollop to brush twice every day.

American Dental Association accepted

Refreshing mint or watermelon flavors

Helps prevent cavities & reduce bacteria

Vegan with no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

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