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Adult starter sets

Get and gift 3-month starter sets and refill plans tailored for you and everyone with a mouth. Learn more

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Covered for life while on a refill plan
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Quip vibrations 800
A refreshed routine
Get a full two-minute clean with quip’s sensitive sonic vibrations, built-in timer and 30-second pulses to remind you when to switch sides. It’s the simpler way to brush better (without putting a strain on your gums) and is accepted by the American Dental Association.
Quip compares 800
“Little” goes a long way
Travel lighter with a slim, compact design and no wires or bulky charger. quip is waterproof and shower-safe with a versatile (and, of course, black) cover that mounts to mirrors, stands on counters, and slides over your bristles to toss in a similarly black bag or carry-on.
Quip supplies 800
Brush heads shipped free
Do right by your mouth with an automatic refill plan. Every 3 months (before your bristles get old and worn out), we deliver a fresh brush head and battery for only $5 (optional ADA-accepted toothpaste for $5 more), all with free shipping worldwide.
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