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Electric Brush
Sonic vibrating electric toothbrush with timer, multi-use cover, and optional toothpaste.
Pink Metal
Limited Edition
What's in a set?
Refill plan
What's a refill?
Every 3 months we send a fresh brush head + battery ($5) and optional toothpaste ($5), all shipped free.
Mint anticavity toothpaste
1st Free
Your next refill
One-time purchase
Mint anticavity toothpaste
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Try 30 days risk free, plus cancel anytime
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Covered for life while on a refill plan
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Shipping is on us for the life of your refill plan


Pink and green

Temps are rising, and two new colors are dropping. A vibrant combination of design and dentistry, packed into a simple, affordable and enjoyable electric toothbrush.

The better (brighter) brush

Get a glowing summer smile with sensitive sonic vibrations, guiding pulses, and a built-in timer. quip cleans more effectively (without excess power or modes) and is one of the only electric brushes accepted by the American Dental Association.

Go with the flow features

Cut the cord on tangled wires, bulky chargers, and heavy handles. quip's ultraslim, waterproof design is the perfect travel companion with a magical cover that mounts to mirrors, stands on counters, and packs away into your bag or carry on.

Fresh supplies shipped free

Book your teeth a retreat with an automatic refill plan. Every 3 months (before your bristles become dirty and worn out), we deliver a brand new brush head and battery for $5, plus optional mint anticavity toothpaste ($5 more) — all shipped free.

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What's in a set?
Brush and toothpaste

Each set includes:

  • 1 electric toothbrush, available in metal or plastic
  • 1 multi-use cover
  • 1 removable AAA battery

Optional toothpaste (free with first purchase):

  • 1 three month supply of mint anticavity toothpaste
  • 1 travel-sized mint anticavity toothpaste
What's a refill plan?
Refill toothpaste and brush head
To help subscribers brush better, we automatically deliver fresh supplies on 3-month dentist-recommended schedule (before bristles become worn out and ineffective). Each refill pack includes a new brush head and AAA battery, optional toothpaste, and free shipping. Simply swap out your brush head and battery, and you’re set for the next 3 months.