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Enter the unique code included in your box at checkout to get your first brush head + battery ($5 value), and toothpaste ($5 value) refill free. If you add a refillable floss to your order, your first floss refill ($5 value) will also be free of charge!

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What's in a set?

Each set includes:

  • 1 electric toothbrush, available in metal or plastic
  • A soft bristle brush head
  • Removable AAA battery
  • 1 multi-use cover

Optional toothpaste (free with first purchase):

  • 1 three-month supply of mint anticavity toothpaste

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The toothbrush

  • Small, flexible brush head includes 1,200 soft, round-tipped nylon bristles. Dentist-recommended for a gentle clean that won’t damage your teeth or sensitive gums.
  • Lightweight, matte aluminum handle built with CNC precision, bead blasted by robots, and anodized for a lifetime of cleaning. Waterproof and shower-safe.
  • Multi-use cover mounts to mirrors, stands on counters, and covers bristles for travel. Suction strip sticks and resticks to any clean, shiny, dry and flat surface if kept clean.
  • Removable AAA battery lasts 3 months just like your brush head. A fresh battery is included free on a refill plan, or your own rechargeable battery works too.
  • Long-lasting electric motor vibrates at an industry standard sensitive 15,000 RPM, pulses every 30 seconds for an even clean, and automatically stops after 2 minutes.

The toothpaste

  • Mint anticavity fluoride formula includes the active ingredient sodium monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.1% w/v fluoride) with tooth-strengthening, anti-cavity properties.
  • 3-month supply when you use a dentist-recommended pea-sized amount as illustrated on our portion guide (optional on a refill plan).
  • Inactive ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Sorbitol, Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Carboxymethyl, Cellulose, Flavor, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Saccharin.
What's a refill plan?
To help you brush better, we offer automatic refill plans with fresh supplies delivered on a 3-month dentist-recommended schedule (before your bristles become worn out and ineffective). Subscribers can choose from a brush head with AAA battery and toothpaste. On a refill plan, you also get free shipping and a lifetime warranty on your quip.
When should I refill?
Your quip brush head and battery last 3 months, and that’s how often dentists recommend changing your brush head before it becomes worn out and ineffective. If you have had your brush for a while and need a fresh brush head and battery right away, choose “Now.” If you purchased your brush within the last two weeks, choose “3 months” to get your first refill delivered when you’re ready for a refresh.
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More details
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Everything your teeth need
(and nothing they don’t)

Our oral care products are designed to work seamlessly together for a complete, dentist-recommended routine you’ll actually enjoy.

gif of tatooed hand using floss cannister
Sleek design you’ll want to string along

Slim, reusable floss dispenser you’d be proud to display on your bathroom counter, with a preloaded refill you change every 3 months (if you floss once a day).

 Refillable dispenser you keep for life
 String refills reduce plastic waste

image depicting marked and expanded floss
Pre-marked, expanding string guides your routine

Pre-marked floss is measured for daily use (~18") and lasts 3 months, with a little string to spare. The waxed nylon expands to help you clean between teeth, and to show you what’s already been used — so every nook and cranny gets a fresh sweep.

 American Dental Association accepted
 Pre-marked, expands to help clean
 Natural mint flavor, vegan, SLS-free

quip refill bag and refill items
Never be fresh out of floss again

Your floss dispenser is forever full on a subscription, with refills that are just as affordable as other leading brands. Sign up to get a fresh brush head, floss, and toothpaste delivered every 3 months for $5 each. Because self care should really be that simple.

 Automatic delivery
 Free shipping for life
 Lifetime warranty

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Section it off

Make sure to not use the same area for every tooth — move your way down the string.

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Floss along the curves

Fend off plaque by guiding floss around the gumline, following the c-shaped curve of your teeth.

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Once every day (at least!)

Dentists recommend flossing daily. Before or after brushing? Truthfully, there’s no wrong answer.

American Dental Association accepted seal

The first subscription refillable floss accepted by the American Dental Association. Learn more

American Dental Association accepted seal

ADA Seal of Acceptance

We promise to always put what is best for your teeth before all else. That's why our floss meets the American Dental Association’s requirements for safety and efficacy of dental products.


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