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Frequently asked questions

Yes, quip's Electric Toothbrush, Refillable floss, and Toothpaste all have the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance. Additionally, quip is the first ever subscription electric toothbrush to earn the ADA seal of acceptance. Per the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance standards, this means that our quip toothbrushes help remove plaque and prevent/reduce gingivitis, our floss helps remove plaque between teeth and prevent gingivitis between teeth, and our toothpaste helps prevent cavities. To learn more about quip's ADA products, visit the ADA website.

We recommend the Modified Stillman or Bass brushing technique, (brushing using gentle, gingiva to tooth circular strokes). Using soft back and forth motions incorporates a safe, intuitive technique.

The easiest way for dental professionals to order quip in bulk is by reaching out to for the best discounts. You should also create a professional account to be in the know for new products and promotions.