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2018-10-01 | Team quip

Increasing access to high quality but affordable oral care products and services is our mission — and we’ve always been excited about the prospect of bringing quip into retail aisles to help realize this. But, we wanted to wait for a partner that understands how important it is to continue helping members maintain good oral care habits day in, day out after the initial purchase. We’ve found that partner in Target, and we’re excited to work together to create a unique experience that guides guests through the habits that matter most for their teeth, for life.

When we created quip, one of the biggest issues we set out to solve was that people were buying oral care products and being left to use them properly, maintain them and seek professional help on their own accord. But, most of us don’t take care of our teeth properly — Up to 90 percent of us don’t brush for a full two minutes, around 75 percent of us don’t change our brush head when dentists recommend and most of us don’t bother to visit the dentist every six months — when not given a helping hand. Meanwhile, existing oral care products were more focused on inflating pricing through gimmicky features, than on building products and services that helped with the simple good habits that have the biggest impact on their oral health. We designed quip to fix these problems, developing a product and service that acts as your oral care companion to guide good habits beyond that an initial purchase.

Four years later, and after this week reaching a milestone one million brushers, we want to continue brushing forward in this mission. By launching our quip electric toothbrush starter sets at Target stores, we’re filling a gap for high quality, affordable oral care products, while ensuring users will still be able to receive the unique health and educational benefits of a quip subscription by signing up exclusively to a plan on We’re excited to continue making oral care more simple and accessible to more people.

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